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I lived in Otira from 1943 until 1948 when I left at age 5. When my father wasn't out deer stalking, he worked as an engine driver. Our railway house was on the line opposite the station. The train made unscheduled stops for visitors to take photos of myself with my pet chamois that my father, James Stephen Tohill rescued, as a slinky from its dying mother and raised it at home until the Auckland Zoo paid ten pounds to my father to have it, either the money, or a plaque - he chose the money. They placed the chamois on grass rather than rock and it died from foot rot. The chamois was a feature in Otira, often taken by my father to the local pub where it stood on the counter and sipped beer. It raced round and around the house, began to grow horns and butt me - therefore it was no longer considered a safe playmate. Kevin Mates the famous footballer taught at the primitive Otira School, where he threw comics to the kids and then went to sleep. If the sun appeared, when the rain stopped, which was seldom, it arose at 10 and withdrew behind the towering mountains at 2pm. Avalanches, and hurricans were a regular event. A mighty wind once blew through a house up the road and split it in two. Men gambled and drank at the Rolleston (spelling) pub. The women climed mountains if so inclined, but if not so disposed stayed at home and baked scones. The boredom was excruciating. Otira was a frightful place to spend one's formative years. Any comments? Anyone remember Otira in those days? I'd be interested to hear.
Gabrielle Tohill- Sydney. Australia - on Sun Feb 19 10:28:48 NZDT 2006
Youve got very useful site. It really helped me. Thanks.
PurpleGreenCheese- QuizzicalCyberDemon - on Sat Feb 18 23:09:08 NZDT 2006
Thank you Nzine for putting me unto your websie to order Alpine Silk product which I picked up on my visit in October. I was able to order the Hand and Body cream along with the foot cream which my wife think is wonderful. It came in the nick of time and only in about a week from when I ordered, all the way to Canada.
tyronc- Ontario, Canada - on Sun Feb 5 9:40:51 NZDT 2006
We have really appreciated the articles about roads and routes. They have helped us to plan our itinerary from Auckland to Milford Sound We recommend them to others planning travel and wanting to make the best use of their travelling time. We were interested to learn that Lonely Planet rated the journey down the South Island's West Coast to Milford as one of the world's best. We were most impressed with its coastline and mountains.
George- California - on Thu Jan 26 10:55:24 NZDT 2006
Good service
Frank Johnson - on Thu Jan 19 18:08:10 NZDT 2006
Beautiful site. I have recently discovered my personal interest in the theremin. Now I am discovering all the information available to me. Thank you for having such a great and informative site, and taking time to share the knowledge. Most appreciated. Mike
Mike- USA - on Sun Jan 15 14:59:24 NZDT 2006
Just checking to see if any relation are out here...
Charles- USA - on Thu Dec 29 10:50:54 NZDT 2005
Found your site in google, and it has a lot of usefull information. Thanx. .
Adderall- USA - on Fri Dec 9 4:38:37 NZDT 2005
i need you to help me with my speech. how can track and field help benefis your mind and how can track and field help your body stronger. also how can it impove your social skills. i need you to print out some imformotion about these things.thank you and a marry chirstmas to all of you.
Mciboy- school trying to find information about my speech - on Wed Dec 7 5:51:25 NZDT 2005
Taking about the history of hairdressing. Did you know that one of the "members of Sassoon's round table" was from New Zeeland, and came up with a lot of whats happening in the world today? He started the free hand cutting and came up with the idea of colouring parts of hair that everyone is doing but somehow got misses out of the "They shall be famous list..." His name is FINT WINCOP. Do you know him?
John Santilli- Italy - on Sat Nov 12 2:07:27 NZDT 2005
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