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I was looking through at this website and then I came upon this page. I am amazed at all the people who say New Zealand is so great. I understand N.Z. is a really cool country but I didn't know it was that great. I have a friend in Hawaii and when i visited him the only thing he said was was that NZ was absolutely fantastatic and the only thing bad about was that it was freezing (its not that cold - really!). Personally I'm stoked about going anywhere in the world but then you can see that nz is really cool. Thanks Elly PS really awesome website
Elly - on Wed Nov 2 20:18:55 NZDT 2005
Great website! Nice work.
Great website! Nice work.- - on Tue Oct 25 5:47:06 NZDT 2005
Never been to New Zealand yet, although I hear it's similar in some ways to Switzerland where I live. I've been to some other places too ( and wouldn't mind NZ either!!
roman- switzerland - on Sun Oct 23 12:12:00 NZDT 2005
Pretty nice site! thanks for alot of useful info...
Tom- USA - on Sun Oct 23 11:21:11 NZDT 2005
I was really interested in this story of the forests of Hanmer Springs and the need to conserve them. They are an integral part of the town and I cannot imagine the land without them. I spent many childhood holidays at Hanmer and I remember the colours of autumn and the gold of the broom and snowtipped mountains (which my mother painted).I also recall the concrete thermal pools and the cubicles where we all (females) doffed our gear to swim in the nude. Recently I went back to Hanmer after 40 years living in Australia and was pleased to see it still had the same 'feel' and appeal to me today. Even the old Anglican Church inside and out is preserved perfectly and in my imagination I saw the ancient wood heater which in winter always glowed brightly while we toasted our feet after trudging through the snow to church. Congratulations to all those who are helping to save the forests and the beautiful walking tracks and recreation areas. Hanmer is a lot more than hot springs, skiing and tourists.
Sonya- Sydney, Australia - on Sat Oct 22 4:58:18 NZDT 2005
Super site! Added to bookmark, thanks!
Gordon- USA - on Thu Oct 20 13:59:30 NZDT 2005
Great web site!! IMPRESSIVE!! Take care and good luck.
Fordd- De - on Wed Oct 19 6:17:48 NZDT 2005
Thank you for your website. I really enjoy it, congratulations for your hard work.
Stoun- USA - on Mon Oct 17 13:50:31 NZDT 2005
I am impressed with this page...setup really nice. Doesn't take forever to load pics, like mine... Very impressive..
Parthina- USA - on Sat Oct 15 9:35:18 NZDT 2005
Very nice site!
Maer- DE - on Fri Oct 14 9:49:34 NZDT 2005
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Have you viewed the New Zealand scenic and information map?

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