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St Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Christchurch a wooden structure
Dorothy -- 21-04-2011

Since February 22 2011 the building has particular significance as it demonstrates the flexibility and durability of a sturdy wooden structure
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International support for earthquake ravaged Christchurch and Japan
Felicity Anderson and Matthew Gould -- 15-04-2011

Rotarians throughout the world have donated funds and artists in New Zealand have donated works for sale through Millbrook Resort's auction Art with Heart
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When the earthquakes struck
Patricia Norriss -- 07-04-2011

Reconstruction was going well when the second quake struck on 22 February at 12.51pm. It was classed as a 6.3. Many said it was more vicious than the first
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Ziptrek Ecotours adds new adventure - its Kea Tour
Alexa Forbes -- 01-04-2011

The 6-line, high velocity tour guarantees an eco-adventure like no other, taking thrill-seekers to speeds of up to 70 km ph on a extended 'zip into town'
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