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Have you viewed the New Zealand scenic and information map?
Christchurch before and after the earthquake
Dorothy -- 25-03-2011

Photos show the contrast between the city before the quake and after ...
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25th Birthday for Whitireia New Zealand, 15 March
Tim Renner -- 17-03-2011

The vision was to provide academic qualifications and career pathways to students from the larger Porirua basin. It now has 9000 students ...
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Christchurch people's initiatives towards resuming normal life patterns
Dorothy -- 10-03-2011

Christchurch seems to be like two separate cities one in the central and eastern areas suffering from the results of the disaster and one in the northwest relatively unharmed
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Christchurch after the 22nd February earthquake
Dorothy -- 02-03-2011

People of Christchurch are reeling with shock and disbelief at the magnitude of the disaster resulting from the 22nd February earthquake ...
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Name two notable features seen as you travel from Rotorua to Taupo.
What is one area of research for which Syft Technologies has won a award?
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