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Have you viewed the New Zealand scenic and information map?
Exploring the Lewis Pass
Brian Cosgrove -- 20-05-2011

The Lewis Pass provides relatively easy access through and to the mountains of North Canterbury
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Value of home cooked meals
Dorothy -- 13-05-2011

'Just get in the kitchen and cook' is the message behind the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation's (NZNF) inaugural Food Week
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Karitane Nurses their role and their training
Dorothy -- 06-05-2011

Once they completed sixteen months training they would be employed in hospitals to care for the babies or in private homes to care for babies and children
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Refugee Background Communities Come Together to Support Quake Victims.
Teresa Bass -- 29-04-2011

Being able to give support cemented our sense of belonging to this country and this community
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What percentage of respondents in the survey took all of their four weeks leave each year?
Why is Oxfam organising the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge?
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Q.How do cellphone network providers cope with public protests about chosen sites?
Drop use of the proposed site.
Choose a different site.
Pay a church to disguise the cellsite as a cross on the tower.
Donate a public facility which disguises the cellsite..
Q.The author thinks many Australians would favour New Zealand's policy on which of the following?
Asylum seekers
Asian immigration
War in Iraq
All three

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