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People Making Changes

Introduction - “Who escapes change in NZ today?”, I think that phrase sums up New Zealand life in the late eighties and nineties. Gone are the days when people went into one job and stayed there for all their working life...

Issue 41 - The Canterbury Volunteer Centre (31/3/00) - Many people who have sought new experiences and contacts or who have had time to spare have found that being a volunteer has been a fulfilling growth experience.

Issue 40 - Triumph For Disabled Rider (11/6/99) - Triumph for Disabled Rider - Jill Lloyd to compete in the World Dressage Championships.

Issue 39 - Water for Survival (7/11/98) - New Zealand engineers raise money to bring water and sanitation to villages in Africa, India, and Nepal.

Issue 38 - Self help for Sufferers from M.E. (25/9/98) - An interview with Jackie Steincamp - Others may put them on the right path but self help is vital for improving the health of ME sufferers.

Issue 37 - Greypower New Zealand (11/9/98) - Senior citizens uniting to support the rights of New Zealanders of all ages. National President tells members to be "vocal, visible and vibrant".

Issue 36 - Senior Citizens Become Computer Literate(18/7/98) - SeniorNet Canterbury Incorporated. An interview with Robert Britten, Chairman of the group, and other members.

Issue 35 - Ngima Dorji Sherpa(13/3/98) - Forced to educate himself, Ngima now works to give others the chance of schooling to change their lives.

Issue 34 - Barry Sligh, A Man Of Many Changes - Part 2(6/3/98) - The team in action—Kiwis working with Nepalese to improve schools in remote areas of Nepal.

Issue 33 - Barry Sligh, A Man Of Many Changes - Part 1(27/2/98) - Entrepreneur, stone mason, nurseryman, philanthropist....

Issue 32 - Bed And Breakfast And Guiding Business At Lake Rotoiti(6/2/98) - A homestay, a tour business, and a new lifestyle...

Issue 31 - New Zealand Special Olympics Help Develop Skills(6/2/98) - Everyone is a winner just by participating in these games...

Issue 30 - Horse Riding Helps Disabled People Cope With Their Disabilities(5/12/97) - The activities and benefits of Riding for the Disabled in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Issue 29 - Methven People Create An All-Season Resort(30/10/97) - The people of Methven are changing the idea that this winter resort has an off-season.

Issue 28 - The Time Bomb Documentary(16/10/97) - This documentary gives a rather one-sided view of the situation of beneficiaries in New Zealand and of changes to the welfare system in Wisconsin.

Issue 27 - The Real Face of Poverty in New Zealand - Part II(9/10/97) - Two conferences on the problems of beneficiaries and benefits—one saw the key problem as dependency, the other as poverty.

Issue 26 - The Real Face of Poverty in New Zealand - Part I(25/9/97) - An interview with Brenda Lowe, manager of Emergency Relief at the Christchurch Methodist Mission and advocate for beneficiaries.

Issue 25 - Changes in New Zealand since 1980 - Part II(21/8/97) - Right wing policies have affected all New Zealanders, some drastically, and revolutionised many institutions that seemed to be the bastions of our way of life.

Issue 24 - Changes in New Zealand since 1980 - Part I(14/8/97) - How has New Zealand changed since 1980? Will I experience culture shock on my return? - questions from a returning ex-resident.

Issue 23 - Care For Cancer Patients(24/7/97) - Anne Morgan discusses the holistic approach to patient care in the Christchurch oncology ward.

Issue 22 - The Beneficiaries Advisory Service(17/7/97) - A group of dedicated workers offers assistance and advocacy services to beneficiaries experiencing problems in dealing with officialdom.

Issue 21 - Living With OOS / RSI And MANAGING It(3/7/97) - Part 2 describes the treatment and the lifestyle that enable Rhona to manage living with OOS/RSI.

Issue 20 - Living With OOS / RSI And MANAGING It(26/6/97) - Part 1 describes the experience of a sufferer from OOS/RSI - the pain, the practical difficulties, the emotional reaction.

Issue 19 - Early Intervention at The Champion Centre(19/6/97) - Staff at the Early Intervention programme at the Champion Centre use a holistic method and work as a team with parents to assist babies and small children with two or more disabilities.

Issue 18 - 102 Years Of Adjusting To Change(12/6/97) - A widely travelled woman of 102 has seen Christchurch grow from a small town to a flourishing city, and she comments on social and educational patterns.

Issue 17 - Save The Children Fund(22/5/97) - For fifty years since the first branch was established in Christchurch, New Zealand, volunteers have worked tirelessly to raise funds to help children in need around the world.

Issue 16 - After Redundancy(15/5/97) - “I've been made redundant”, a statement often heard in New Zealand in recent years. Read about the impact of redundancy on one New Zealand family.

Issue 15 - From Trained Nuclear Killer to Peace Activist(8/5/97) - “Spreading the Word about the World Court Ruling”, this is the fifth and final article in a series about Commander Rob Green.

Issue 14 - From Trained Nuclear Killer to Peace Activist(1/5/97) - “Rob seeks for a new way to promote peace - an alternative to the nuclear deterrent”, this is the forth article in a series about Commander Rob Green.

Issue 13 - From Trained Nuclear Killer to Peace Activist(17/4/97) - “Events following the murder of Hilda Murrell”, this is the third article in a series about Commander Rob Green.

Issue 12 - From Trained Nuclear Killer to Peace Activist(10/4/97) - “Trident: A Cuckoo in the Naval Nest”, this is the second article in a series about Commander Rob Green.

Issue 11 - From Trained Nuclear Killer to Peace Activist(3/4/97) - This is the first of five articles about Commander Rob Green's transition from trained nuclear killer and to a leading international peace activist.

Issue 10 - Exporting NZ reading methods(27/3/97) - Literacy is one gateway to independence and escaping the poverty trap. A New Zealander, Emeritus Professor Warwick Elley, takes to new countries New Zealand methods of combating illiteracy.

Issue 9 - Parents Centre Innovations(13/3/97) - Do you work in a Family Friendly Workplace? Is the community where you live supportive of whole families? Parents Centre New Zealand is working to make changes towards Family Friendly Communities.

Issue 8 - Starting Small Businesses(27/2/97) - There's no job for me at present. I'd love to be self-employed but I don't know enough to start a business. I haven't enough confidence.

Issue 7 - Taiwanese Society volunteering(20/2/97) - Giving to New Zealand - a new initiative by Taiwanese immigrants.

Issue 6 - Rebuilding a shattered life(13/2/97) - What do you do when your life falls apart - give in or find a new path?

Issue 5 - NZ Ski Lodge Management(7/2/97) - From sheep and school children to a tourist lodge in one leap.

Issue 4 - Fulfilling retirement(30/1/97) - Creating a skills fund for a 'rich' retirement.

Issue 3 - From Sarajevo to New Zealand(16/1/97) - Ahmed Kafedzic is no stranger to dramatic change - from success and wealth to the horrors of the siege of Sarajevo and then to being a refugee in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Issue 2 - New schools and homestays(10/1/97) - Changing countries has its problems - for the exchange student and the host family.

Issue 1 - Triumphing over reading problems(19/12/96) - About a woman who was a late reader. Some change is like a miracle. Lynne's story can give others new hope.

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