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Cellphone network providers build non-notified cellsites disguised as other structures

An interview with Dr Neil Cherry

Dorothy - 24/12/02

Dr Neil Cherry
Dr Neil Cherry
Cellphone network providers around the world want to avoid the difficulties which they face from public protests about the siting of cellsites. They are resorting to paying individual property owners or groups to let them set up non-notified cellsites disguised as other structures such as burglar alarms on houses, crosses on churches, or clock towers.

In England there was an article in the Daily Telegraph which reported that five network providers were approaching residents and saying that they were willing to pay up to 7,000 per year to conceal cellsite antennae in their chimney or drainpipes, disguising them so that they had the appearance of burglar alarms. In some cities in the US and Australia churches are being paid large sums for allowing cellsite antennae to be placed in the cross on the steeple. Such arrangements mean that telecommunication companies can avoid applying for planning permission and coping with the protests that usually follow their applications.

In New Zealand in the Christchurch suburb of Elmwood there were determined public protests and heated debates and residents thought they had defeated Telecom's plan to build a cellsite there. Instead it has been hidden in what appears to be a railway clock tower with a small engine beside it adjacent to the tiny Elmwood railway station.

Railway clock tower - actually a cellsite
Railway clock tower - actually a cellsite

Vodafone has built a clock tower which is actually a cellsite in the parking area of the Bishopdale shopping centre in Christchurch. This was a non-notified construction. When workers on the Bishopdale tower were asked what they were building they refused to answer.

Bishopdale clock
Bishopdale clock

The UK newspaper acknowledged that around cellsites there is reduced melatonin. As Dr Cherry is well aware, this can cause sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, depression, suicide, miscarriage, cancer and cardiac problems. Round cellsites in France researchers have recorded sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, memory loss and cardiac problems. Childhood cancer has been found to have increased around cellsites in Spain. A high Court in Spain ordered a powerful antenna 86 metres from a school to be taken down because over eighteen months in 430 children four developed cancer. This is significantly higher than average which is why they were ordered to take down the mast which carried thirty six antennae.

In the latest published research done in Sweden it has been shown that radio frequency radiation is correlated with a massive rise in incidences of cancer over the last fifty years. Cellsite antenna networks are contributing a massive amount of exposure leading to massive increase in cancer.

The latest Swiss study shows that proximity to cellsites damages DNA in human cells with the rate being higher the closer you are to the site.

A French study showed melatonin damage.

Dr Cherry is not surprised that this illness occurred because so many studies show these health effects.

As radio towers do the same thing it is not surprising that cellsites cause damage.

Disguised cellsites being built around the world will cause health damage
These cellsites will cause health problems for those living near them, and those who suffer from them will be puzzled about the cause as they will be unaware of the existence of the cellsite and electromagnetic radiation is a silent and unseen killer.

The impact of cellphone use and of cellsites on health
The use of the cellphone is worse for the individual but the cellsites are bad for the community - once again an important interconnection.

Dr Cherry sums up the interconnections. "When we look at the health effects, the cellsites and the exposures we see a linked network, whether you are talking about the cells in the body, the brain, the heart, the community, the cellsites, the use of phones and the requirement of the phones to have a cellsite.

"With modern integrated systematic understanding. our education system should make the children aware of seeing the whole picture, especially of the invisible things.

"The primary element of intelligence is being able to see the invisible by knowing the signs and the system."

To read more about Dr Neil Cherry and his work, please visit his website for more information.

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