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Early Days – unique DVD on snowboarding

News from Gifted Productions - 03/06/05

The new snowboard DVD from Gifted Productions is being released in retail stores this month. Early Days features New Zealand’s top riders: Dylan Butt, Deni Bevin, Will Jackways, Tim Jackways & Logan Holt among others.

The video is set to an eclectic Kiwi soundtrack with tracks from hip-hop heavyweight DJ Sir-Vere, rockers The Have and the intelligent compositions of Confucius.

Early Days is the culmination of two years of filming with New Zealand’s top freestyle snowboarders in our own terrain parks and backcountry terrain.

Producer/Director Richard Mills has spent plenty of time in the mountains filming during the last four years and is excited to see the end result. With Early Days being the follow up to his first snowboard project ‘The Dream,’ he is stoked to have the support of his team at Gifted. He explains, “Our aim in producing Early Days was to create the best snowboard video in NZ to date, and represent NZ’s top riders in a unique professional production.”

“With the help of talented NZ musicians, the riding and dedication of our most accomplished snowboarders, we have been able to compile a video that delivers everything we had hoped and more,” says producer Richard Mills.

Early Days differs completely from other snowboard DVD’s in that it heavily utilizes special effects animation and has a structured narrative theme based around a long lost antique photo album.

DVD pack
DVD pack

Click here to view a larger version

Gifted special effects animator Jaya Gibson explains his enthusiasm for the project, “I am so enjoying this project because I get to combine my love of snowboarding with my love of animation It’s awesome fun.”

The theme of Early Days is based on the premise that the current rate of progression in snowboarding has blurred the past, present and future of the sport. In this accelerated transition and scramble to keep up with the sport’s evolution the vision can be lost and the reasons we snowboard can be forgotten. Early Days is designed as a reminder of those reasons – a reminder of our own “early days.”

The narrative of Early Days will be structured around an antique photo album titled “Early Days” which will contain photos that represent each of the rider’s sections. These photos have been designed and manipulated to appear as if they were from the early 1900s, and each in turn will transform into video and thus reveal each rider’s separate section.

Try your favourite retail store today and get your copy of Early Days.


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