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Do adverse health trends correlate with the research into Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?

Chapter 12 Conclusion

Sarah Benson - 21/01/10

Research into EMR continues to be conducted around the world and is continuing to find adverse effects on health.

For example in 2009 a Stockholm study found that 3G mobile phone radiation inhibited DNA repair for up to 72 hours after exposure. This result is typical, but governments and health authorities continue to either ignore or fail to act on the evidence that is piling up, both in the laboratory and in populations.

Governments are trying to reverse trends such as cardiac illness and obesity with awareness campaigns. However to look only at trying to reverse such trends is like trying to rid the bathroom floor of water without first looking to see where the water is coming from and turning off the tap.

Communications frequencies use non-thermal levels of microwave radiation that do not directly heat living tissue in the same way a microwave oven does. Well-known scientist and author Robert Becker said in 1985, “…when non-thermal dangers were originally documented in America, military and industrial spokespeople refused to acknowledge them, lying to Congress and the public. Many scientists who naturally wanted to continue working went along with the charade.”[i]

Dr. George Carlo, who used to run a multi-million dollar research program for the mobile phone industry before going public regarding the dangers posed by mobiles, uses the analogy of putting a frog in water. If you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out. However, if you put a frog in cold water and gradually heat the water, you can cook the frog because the frog's body will adjust to the slight changes in temperature and it will not notice it is being cooked. Well, the same thing might be happening to an unsuspecting public.

... The early studies show that oscillating signals interfere with the brain very significantly and can change the EEG and can change the calcium ions, and these change reaction times. This is a classical physics approach of resonant absorption. If a system can oscillate and an oscillating signal comes in, it can resonantly be absorbed. It is what an aerial does, it is what a cell phone does, it is what is used in telecommunications ... It has been demonstrated in many laboratories that it actually does occur.

Dr Neil Cherry, 2000

It has taken 50 years to finally take seriously the threat of global warming. David Suzuki said in the 1970s that we only had 40 years left if development continued at the same pace. He was right - but governments did not act, and now we are paying the price. It has been same with tobacco, with three decades passing before any action was taken. The same story has been seen with asbestos, lead, benzene, thalidomide, and so on.

I believe that we must heed independent scientists on the dangers of non-thermal radiation before populations are further damaged. Groups in the UK and Europe have already suggested lowering the exposure limits by using more fibre optic cabling and by siting antennas away from residential areas and schools. Whilst this would be one solution to making the technology safer, it is also more costly.

Nevertheless in Europe and the US wireless-free zones are now being created, along with materials and buildings as a shield against EMR. For example, a building now exists in Budapest with the sole aim of shielding its occupants from antennas, and in Canada officials from the Slocan Valley Economic Development Commission are claiming that keeping the valley mobile-free will draw in tourists and new residents.[ii]

It is extraordinary that telecommunications carriers can still install antennas on roofs of shops, churches, schools and other public buildings without permission from owners, local councils, or those nearby, in spite of regular protests. This technology has been rolled out the world over without any prior warning or any recourse to protest. There were no regulations for the testing of the emissions, in spite of the publicised dangers. Communities were caught by surprise, with no time to gather information about this new pollutant.

It could be argued that to be exposed to a pollutant with no possibility of escape from it is an abuse of human rights.

The problems are going to increase unless a determined effort is made to only install sites that produce extremely low mean residential exposures - somewhat less than 0.01uW/cm2.

Dr Neil Cherry, 2001

The human race has evolved against a background of very low level natural radiation - about 8Hz. The current artificial EMR is now billions of times higher than when our grandparents lived This pulsing is in the frequency range of our brain waves and can cause it to alter its function, thus changing our level of consciousness, as has been demonstrated by electroencephalograms (EEG). Could this be an explanation of the elevated levels of violence we are seeing at this time?

If the effects showing up now after only 15 years are anything to go by - and if levels continue to increase as they are bound to do with the further development of wireless technology - what sorts of effects on the human being can we expect in future years? Research is beginning to indicate that there may be no safe threshold for these exposures, as was the case for x-rays….and if that’s the case, we are in trouble because non-ionising radiation is everywhere and growing exponentially.

More evidence has accumulated suggesting that there are adverse health effects from occupational and public exposures to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, or EMF, at current exposure levels. What is needed, but not yet realised, is a comprehensive, independent and transparent examination of the evidence pointing to this emerging, potential public health issue.

The Benevento Resolution 2006 (see Appendix B)

Sarah Benson is a public health advocate who has studied the effects of EMR on health for 13 years. She was a member of the Australian Communications Industry Forum committee that devised a Code of Conduct for the siting of mobile phone towers in Australia, contributing the Precautionary Principle to the Appendices. Email:

[i] Becker, R., The body electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, 1998, Harper Paperbacks.

[ii] Blake L., and Morrow, T., 2007: Electrosmog – What Price Convenience?

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