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Do adverse health trends correlate with the research into Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?

Chapter 11 Male Infertility

Sarah Benson - 14/01/10

Male fertility has been declining for over 20 years. Whilst variables such as oestrogenic chemicals and the ubiquitous use of soya products (high in oestrogen) in breads and other packaged foods are also a factor here, many studies have indicated that EMR is also a likely cause.

A cancer specialist from West Australia, Dr John Holt, had this to say in 1996 in private correspondence on the issue of communications frequencies: "Within 100 years all men and male animals will be sterile. I believe the current level of EMR is responsible [in part] for male infertility round the world".

In 1997 Magras & Xenos placed mice at various locations in relation to an RF tower in Greece in order to monitor their fertility over several generations. The 'low' exposure group became infertile after five generations, and the 'high' exposure group after three generations. [i]

An American study from the Reproductive Centre in Cleveland in 2006 shows that men who used a mobile phone had a 25 per cent lower sperm count than men who never used a mobile. Sperm counts in the US have plummeted 29 per cent, attributed by the study's authors to mobile phone emissions. [ii]

Dr George Carlo of the US showed that the cumulative DNA damage caused by RF exposure is carried forward to future generations.

Reduced melatonin leads to increased DNA strand breaks and chromosome aberrations. These in turn lead to cancer and reproductive effects.

Dr Neil Cherry, 1999

In 2008 a team from Japan found that radiation from a mobile phone on standby can affect reproduction. They found that exposed animals had a decrease in sperm concentration and general quality.[iii]

[i] Magras and Xenos, 1997: RF radiation induced changes in the pre-natal development of mice. Bioelectromagnetics, 18(6): 455-

[ii] Agarwal, et al 1997: Effect of cell phone usage on semen analysis in men attending infertility clinic: an observational study, 2006.

[iii] Salma, S et al, Int J Androl, Dec 2 2008.

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