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Moreton's Menswear for Moleskins selling world-wide for all seasons
An interview with menswear specialist Geoff Moreton

Dorothy - 08/10/04

Geoff Moreton is a well-known figure at Moreton's Trouser House selling Moleskins and other menswear. Now he also sells worldwide through the Moleskin website.

While keeping up with fashion trends he has to carry adequate stocks of summer and winter clothing to satisfy his customers in the northern and southern hemispheres, like a Gloucestershire client who ordered moleskins in December when New Zealand customers were buying summer wear.

For thirty years Geoff has been deeply interested in the men's fashion industry and has enjoyed seeing his customers dress well - a family characteristic as his parents did the same before him.

My husband and I know from firsthand experience how interested Geoff is in meeting the needs of each customer - and how well he remembers their expressed preferences and measurements. He keeps careful records of the measeurements of website customers which means that they can re-order quickly without filling in again the needed measurements.

Geoff Moreton
Geoff Moreton

He has mastered the art of choosing styles and fabrics that complement each other, and he knows what is in fashion at any time. His customers want to look their best in clothes that last. He stocks clothes that are well cut and made from fabrics that hold their shape and therefore continue to be in fashion.

Stocking mainly clothes that are "smart casual"
"As formal clothes are now worn mainly for formal business occasions or high fashion formal gatherings, the fastest selling clothes are those that are "smart casual," Geoff said.

Smart work clothes
Geoff also stocks clothes that could be described as "smart work clothes" - for wearing in the office, the warehouse or the workshop.

Call for easy-care fabrics
"More and more my customers want clothes that look good, but are comfortable and easy-care," Geoff said. "Older customers who once had to take trousers to the dry cleaner every time there was a mark on them rejoice in washable trousers which often don't even need to be pressed. Many men now look after their own clothes and want easy care. When customers come in with partners who do the laundry the partner's first question is, 'Can the trousers be washed in the machine?' My answer is an emphatic YES for most garments."

I checked with Geoff's product list to be sure that the most popular stock is still available, and was pleased to find many favourites there.

Trousers for the winter
Moreton's Menswear specialises in trousers. Geoff showed me the winter range - and a wide range it is in styles and sizes.

Average size increasing
Men's average size is increasing, going from 88 to 96 cm waist. There is an increasing demand for plain front slimming styles in all waist sizes.

Poly/wool trousers for all ages
These come in navy, charcoal, black and grey. with a front pleat and they are made in sizes 84cm-122cm.

Poly/wool trousers $NZ89.95 (176-177)
Poly/wool trousers $NZ89.95 (176-177)

Click here to view a larger version

Corduroys and jeans
Corduroy is fashionable again for the winter season. Moreton's have Stag's corduroys in green or fawn and they are selling fast at $NZ59.95.

Navy blue stone-washed jeans never go out of fashion and Moreton's is stocking Tusk brand at $NZ59.95.

"Think Moreton's - think Moleskins" or "Think Moleskins - think Moreton's". That is a common view.

Moleskins are smart and practical for indoor or outdoor wear.

Moleskin trousers and shirts ideal for outdoor wear for all ages Moleskin trousers and shirts ideal for outdoor wear for all ages
Moleskin trousers and shirts ideal for outdoor wear for all ages

"Moleskin is made from specially loomed 100% cotton. It is a tough cloth - very durable with a long life. It is very comfortable to wear and looks smart. It is easy to care for as it needs only to be washed," Geoff explained. "But do remember to follow the washing instructions and don't put washing powder in the water without dissolving it first or you may make the colour patchy.

"Don't store your moleskins in a sunny place or they may fade."

Of course in Moreton's range there are choices - light-weight or heavy-weight, Australian fabric or English cut pile cloth. The light weight moleskins come in beige, taupe and denim colour ($NZ79.95), and the heavy weight in navy, green, beige and taupe ($NZ89.95). The luxurious moleskins in English cloth - what Geoff calls "the champagne of moleskins" - this year are selling at only $NZ99.95.

I asked Geoff to explain the differences in the different moleskin fabrics. "The lightweight 'jackaroo' moleskin fabric and the heavy weight moleskin fabric are both cotton in different weights, and brush backed. The English fabric is brushed on both sides and has a cut pile on the outside."

Women's moleskins too?
The women are not forgotten. Moreton's have women's 'stretch' English cloth moleskins in the winter season at $NZ149.95 in beige, taupe, navy and green, and they are still in high demand.

No longer do men's clothes need to be drab. While you are in the shop buy a Moleskin shirt to complete your outfit. There are several colours available as seen in the picture.

Moleskin Shirts
Moleskin Shirts

Business shirts
These come in exciting colours this year - sixteen different fashion shades. The size range goes up to 48 cm neck size. They are great value at $NZ19.95 to $NZ25.00 each and in the packet there's a free tie too!

Smart warm shirts
Yarn dyed country-look poly/cotton shirts are a cosy winter essential as they are warm but also dry quickly. For this fabric each individual thread is dyed separately and woven into the pattern. The colour range includes fawns, blues and claret. They are priced at $NZ59.95.

A jacket to complete your outfit
The navy single-breasted reefer jacket continues to be fashionable when a formal look is wanted. It's an inexpensive way to top off your outfit at $NZ169.95.

Where do you find Geoff?
In the shop

Moreton's Menswear is at 638 Colombo Street, Christchurch - one block south of Ballantynes. You can park for an hour free at the Christchurch City Council car parks if you are shopping at Moreton's.

On the website
It's great to get the personal attention of Geoff or one of his staff, but it's often much more convenient to shop by mail order through his website

On the free phone
Use his free phone 0800-22-20-20
The phones are staffed seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
Fax 03 366 0713

The shop is open
Monday to Friday 9 am to 5.30 pm
Saturday 10 am to 4 pm
Closed on Sundays except during the July sale and in December for Christmas trading.
Dress well, feel warm or cool as the climate dictates, and shop economically at Moreton's Menswear.

Christchurch readers - see Geoff on Shopping with Jo on CTV, or listen to Moreton's advertisements on Radio Pacific and Solid Gold

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