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The Export Academy of New Zealand to open in 2008

Eloise Angus -- 06/06/2007

New Zealand's Export Year was given a major boost today with the announcement of the country's first export education and research academy.

The Export Academy of New Zealand to be based in Hawke's Bay is receiving unprecedented support from export and business leaders throughout New Zealand.

Two Hawke's Bay businessmen Murray Painter and Mark Carrington have launched the initiative because of a desperate need for export qualified students.

"We have been involved in exporting for many years and we talk to many exporters and one of the major issues they face is recruiting people with export knowledge," Mr Painter said.

The Academy is planned to open in 2008 and will cost $4.5 million to set up. The first intake is 18 students for semester one with 25 students by the end of 2008 with planned growth to 175 fulltime students by 2010. Annual operating costs will be about $1 million.

It will employ seven fulltime staff in 2008, growing to 10 by 2009. Funding will be sourced from student fees, government funding and business scholarships and cadetships.

Mr Painter and Mr Carrington, both with many year's experience as exporters and currently directors of GoReefers, an international export logistics company, said they have experienced difficulty employing staff with export qualifications.

They also know many other export focused businesses are also lacking suitably skilled staff.

Mr Painter says export education is vital to the future success of the New Zealand economy.

"There are businesses throughout New Zealand that desperately need employees educated in all areas of export. It's not just about having a great product to export but knowing how to get it profitably to market.

"We are a small country with a tiny domestic market and we only prosper with a strong export sector.

"There are a few export training courses available but no degree or higher level qualification that can truly prepare someone wanting to enter the export sector.

"The Academy will, in addition, establish a quality Export Research Faculty because research will be a vital part of the case studies offered and tutors will spend a large portion of their time in this research faculty to ensure modules presented are the most up to date."

Export Year business champion and Chairman of The Glidepath Group of Companies, Ken Stevens, is backing the Academy, along with key groups such as Export NZ, Chamber of Commerce, NZIM and Hawkes Bay Inc.

"Our exporting companies are short on skilled export literate executives - especially sales executives and project managers who can really make things happen for New Zealand companies in our foreign markets. For some years now we have needed tertiary institutions that can provide targeted tuition and training for scholars wishing to qualify as professional exporters and earn a globally accredited degree," Mr Stevens said.

The Academy will provide courses suitable for all sectors within Export including agri-business, software and IP.

Qualifications offered
On offer will be an Applied Degree in Export Studies, as well as an embedded Diploma in Export. An online Certificate in Export could also be offered.

Business Study modules
These include:
Consumer Direct Export Marketing
Export Pathways for Maori
New Zealand Free Trade Agreements and Brussels Tariff
Export Accounting, Banking, and Trade Finance Export Procurement in the Primary Sector
Supply Chain Optimisation and Security since 9/11
Food Safety
Carbon Neutrality and Food Miles.

Students can also study individual course modules.

The fulltime three year applied export degree will cost $25,000 for the full degree course, and there will be an allowance to cross credit units from other courses.

Studies will be delivered by experienced tertiary lecturers and there will also be business mentors providing practical case study experience.

"There are many businesspeople like us with a wealth of knowledge in export who want to give something back," Mr Painter says.

The Academy will be funded through course fees, scholarships and cadetships offered by export businesses as well as commercial export research offered by the research faculty.

The Academy will also apply for central government funding.


The academy is being championed by John Newland, business director and former CEO of Farmlands together with leading education adviser Dr Janett Levien.

"We are seeing an experienced commercial export base, with clear objectives, working on an academic process and that's what makes the New Zealand Export Academy magical," Mr Newland says.

"We are presenting our vision to many of the current tertiary providers to ensure that we can provide students with an academic pathway between the Academy and those providers" says Dr Levien.

The initiative has been presented to a wide range of stakeholders including MPs, business leaders and educators.

Below are supporting comments.

Ken Stevens expands on what he said above.
"Our exporting companies are short on skilled export literate executives - especially sales executives & project managers - who can really make things happen for New Zealand companies in our foreign markets. For some years now we have needed tertiary institutions in our country that can provide targeted tuition and training for scholars who are wishing to qualify themselves as professional exporters and earn a globally accredited degree in recognition of their training and skills.

"The curriculum for the newly founded Export Academy of New Zealand appears to neatly address the needs of New Zealand's globally focused companies across all sectors and is long overdue in our economy."

"I commend the founders of Export Academy of New Zealand for their foresight and initiative in addressing the needs of perhaps the most important industries and businesses in our country - the export sectors and global business aspirants."
Ken Stevens -- Export Year Champion

"Given New Zealand's location to its primary markets, export is by definition a necessity and critical to the long term economic success of the country. The Applied Degree in Export Studies will form the cornerstone in delivering the training and skills required by businesses to optimise their export potential. Further, the association of New Zealand's leading tertiary institutions will ensure that the degree will attract only students of the highest calibre seeking a quality qualification with a universal appeal."
Peter Holley -- CEO Mission Estate

"We are very supportive of this proposal of an Export Academy. Successful and profitable exporting is a key driver of the New Zealand economy and the development of our people resourced through the proposed Export Academy is a very positive contribution to that."
David Sawers, Partner - Staples Rodway Hawke's Bay Limited

"The proposed Hawke's Bay based Export Academy of New Zealand is a fantastic idea and it is an example of a Hawke's Bay organisation identifying a gap in the education/ training market and developing a solution.

"A large number of Hawke's Bay food businesses export their products and to have the Academy based here will mean that these businesses will have the pick of the high calibre graduates. It is such a positive for the region and will hopefully serve to not only keep some of young students in the Bay but also attract students from other centres."
Jane Libby - General Manager Food Hawke's Bay

"The New Zealand Export Academy will bridge the gap in education and meet a desperate need in our country to provide a full and varied qualification in exporting - this is critical to the future success of our industry."
Phil Alison - exporter - pipfruit industry

"The prospects of having the first education facility being developed in New Zealand, dedicated to teaching all the skills so necessary for the Export Industry, is to be highly commended and deserves the full support of all involved in the Export sector."
Bruce Robertson - Export New Zealand - Hawke's Bay

"In an industry where repetitive "seat of the pants" learning can have huge competitive disadvantage for exporters, this initiative must be supported because professionalism and a clear career path for graduates must improve skill recognition and our ability to perform internationally."
Jim Ferguson, Senior Partner, Gifford Divine Law Firm

For more information contact Murray Painter 021 483 785

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