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Prenzel Rice Bran Flavour Infused Oils

Dorothy - 27/10/06

Four of my aims in cooking for our household have been:

  • Producing a menu beneficial for our health, especially reduction of our cholesterol rates
  • Finding substitutes for dairy products as I have a dairy allergy
  • Presenting appetising food
  • Producing varied menus without taking too much time
Using Prenzel Flavour Infused Rice Bran Oil and Vinaigrettes has assisted me in achieving these aims.

Producing a healthy menu beneficial for our health
Rice Bran Oil is rich in vitamin E and lecithin – natural antioxidants which help fight free radicals, a major cause of cancer. As a cancer survivor I rate these qualities highly. Vitamin E helps to protect the lungs and tissues against the impurities we breathe in from our environment.

Finding substitutes for dairy products
Discovering that I have a dairy allergy has motivated me to search for substitutes for butter and milk in favourite recipes. Rice has been a key product in my diet as I regularly use rice milk to replace cows’ milk. Now rice bran oil is an essential ingredient of most of my cooking. Butter Flavour Infused Rice Bran Oil is particularly useful.

There is no fear that the food cooked in rice bran oil will increase our cholesterol levels.

Dairy products used freely in traditional Kiwi cooking
I well remember my mother’s cooking. She was regarded as a very good cook and made delicious soups, main meals, desserts, cakes and biscuits. There were generous amounts of butter in almost all of them. Butter rationing during World War 2 taxed her ingenuity as she sought for ways of producing the same goods with very little butter.

Cooks of her generation believed that butter was a health food. At that time she had no idea that although she had a small appetite her cooking was one of the causes for the angina which she suffered in later years. How she would have enjoyed using Rice Bran Oils, especially those infused with special flavours, knowing that by so doing she was improving the health of her family!

Presenting appetising food
Food fried or roasted in a very small amount of rice bran oil tastes appetising without being rich or leaving diners with the feeling that the meal has made them feel lacking in energy.

Flavour Infused Prenzel Rice Bran Oil – an exciting new product
This new product is produced by the Prenzel Distilling Company in Blenheim in the north of the South Island. Without doubt it can make our food more appetising.

I have used the different flavours in a number of recipes and a panel of experienced health-conscious cooks has tested the range of products. They were all enthusiastic about the new possibilities offered by the flavour-infused oils and vinaigrettes.

Dishes prepared using Prenzel Flavour Infused Rice Bran Oil

Citrus Rice Bran Oil

Fish in Filo Pastry
A very skilled Japanese cook tried this recipe and agreed with my family that it was a light and delicious way of serving fish.

Garlic and Lemon Aioli
This has proved popular with both the Japanese family and two Kiwi families who have tried it. It is tasty on roast vegetables and on fish, especially salmon.

The recipes for both these dishes are on the Prenzel leaflet.

Tuscan Rice Bran Oil
This is flavoured with oregano, basil, capsicum and garlic, and those testing the products have used it successfully in sauces, pizza bases, and in filo pastry to form parcels filled with savoury mince. It has improved the flavour of meat balls when used in the mixture and for frying the balls. It is also an interesting addition poured over cooked vegetables, especially asparagus, and salad vegetables.

Chilli Rice Bran Oil
I have found this popular with vegetarian friends when used in stir fries or to sauté the vegetables before putting them into soup. It is also useful in cooking Asian dishes.

Rosemary Rice Bran Oil
I have used this in sauces, for frying fritters and for savoury pancakes. Friends have used it in vinaigrette and for roasting vegetables.

Garlic Rice Bran Oil
This can be used wherever you plan to use any oil (or to replace butter) and flavour the dish with garlic. I have used it in filo pastry, in stir fries, in soups and to cook mushrooms. It is also recommended for making garlic bread, or for using as a dip with dukkah.

Butter Flavour Infused Rice Bran Oil
This cholesterol-free product can be used to replace butter in many recipes. I have tried it on familiar recipes for muffins, cakes and desserts, experimenting for the first time by making the recipe for the family. This has been a popular policy as my experiments have been successful, and I can now use it confidently when cooking for guests.

It has proved to be a very satisfactory substitute for butter in lemon icing and chocolate icing.

I have made sweet pancakes as a dessert and using the butter flavour oil meant that they were a healthy product, unlike the pancakes fried in butter which my mother used to serve years ago.

Original Vinaigrette with Rice Bran Oil
This enhances the flavour of any salad, or eggs, potatoes or roasted vegetables. For me it transforms a basic dish to something especially appetising.

Citrus Vinaigrette with Rice Bran Oil
This is made with natural New Zealand ingredients and gives a distinctive finish to any salad, fish or vegetable dish.

Producing varied menus without taking too much time
I have found that using Prenzel flavour-infused rice bran oils or Prenzel vinaigrette produces meals with interesting flavours, yet I do not have to spend time selecting appropriate herbs or condiments.

Instead of spending time making a roux sauce and mixing flour with melted butter I find I can make a savoury sauce by using rice milk, flour or cornflour, and a tablespoon of one of the savoury Prenzel oils.

A Prenzel lunch menu
Corn and vegetable soup with vegetables sauteed in a small amount of Chilli Oil

Salad with Original Prenzel vinaigrette

Garlic bread made with Garlic Rice Bran Oil
Potatoes served with Garlic Rice Bran Oil
Roast potatoes with Garlic and Lemon Aioli

Apple Crisp with topping made with Butter Flavour Oil and served with yogurt or a rice milk sauce enriched with Butter Flavour Oil.

Tea or coffee with small blueberry muffins made with Butter Flavour Oil

Prenzel products are available all over New Zealand in their tasting rooms.
Christchurch / Woodend
Kapiti Coast / Raumati
Auckland / Whitford
Auckland / Kumeu

Also, available online at
Also by phoning 0800 BRANDY (0800 272 639)

For more information on the locations or for overseas purchases please see the website which has a web shop and addresses in Australia, the US, Singapore and the UK.
Contact in Sydney: Brett on 02 468 30071, or

Prenzel Rice Bran Flavour Infused Oils and Vinaigrettes have helped me to serve a healthy diet and appetising food with straightforward meal preparation.

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