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Rotorua Adventure Sport Specialists Break the Freefall Height Barrier

Lisa Nilsen - 26/08/05

NZONE, ‘The Ultimate Jump’, has launched its new ‘Exosfear’ 15,000ft tandem skydive in Rotorua this month.

NZONE (pronounced n-zone) is the only adventure operator in Rotorua to offer the extreme thrill of the 15,000ft jump, with a full 60 seconds free falling at 200kph; twice the freefall time of a 9,000ft jump.

The decision to reach new heights in tandem skydiving was motivated by public demand for more extreme and challenging adrenaline activities.

“Both local and international travellers are constantly seeking a faster and longer rush, so this move is in response to that request,” says Robynne Williams, NZONE General Manager.

The Exosfear 15,000ft jump altitude gives the bravest of tandem skydivers an extended climb to altitude and maximum freefall time. A Local’s Special being offered during the month of August gives Rotorua residents the opportunity to sample the thrills of this tandem skydive for $295. For those that find the Exosfear a little rich, the special rates on offer also apply to adrenalin chasers the ‘Stratosfear’ 12,000ft jump and the ‘Troposfear’ 9,000ft jump.

NZONE Rotorua operates a Fletcher turbine aircraft, which takes approximately 20 minutes to reach altitude. The aircraft has been specially rated by Civil Aviation to enable the high of the Exosfear altitude drop, with oxygen available to each customer on board.

“I’ve been involved in skydiving for 20 years and every time we offer a new level of rush and a higher jump, people can’t get up in the air quick enough. After speaking to hundreds of customers, I think this trend is being driven by the need for a personal challenge,” says Keith Gallaher, NZONE’s Head Tandem Instructor and Operations Manager, Rotorua.

“Most people we see have planned their jump for quite a while and dream about doing it at least once in their lifetime.

“Skydiving is an extreme sport and it seems the more extreme we make it, the better. Everyone wants to feel that freefall, see the earth rushing up towards them, for as long as possible,” he adds.

Don Gunn, General Manager of Destination Rotorua leapt at the opportunity to try out the Exosfear. “This is a great chance for me to get an adrenalin rush, while being treated to a fantastic aerial view of Rotorua. The jump is truly something out of this world and I can see why everyone raves about the extended freefall!

“It’s also great to see NZONE expanding it’s range of jumps, adding even more benefit to the Rotorua visitor experience.”

Don Gunn and Brendan Jack
Don Gunn and Brendan Jack
Photo source: NZONE
Click here to view a larger version

NZONE were recently named a nominee in the New Zealand Tourism Awards 2005 and were tourism award winners in 2002.

Famed for its powerful brand, designed to evoke emotion with the strapline “Embrace The Fear” and phrases like “There are those who do, and those who do not do”, NZONE’s Exosfear is well positioned to continue to grow this already successful company.

The sport of skydiving continues to grow in popularity according to recently released statistics by New Zealand Parachute Industry Association, who reveal that tandem skydiving is rated amongst the top three adventure activities undertaken by international visitors to New Zealand.


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