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Fishing, food, fun and whanau for Pio

Sharon Course - 17/01/2007

Comedian Pio Terei cruises the coastline to hook up with a fresh catch of fishing-mad Maori in a new series of Tangaroa with Pio, premiering on Maori Television on Monday January 22 at 8.00 pm.

The 13-part, half-hour series is peppered throughout with plenty of laughs and local history as Pio travels the beautiful coastlines of Aotearoa, chatting to local characters and exploring the domain of one of our most knowledgeable atua, or gods, Tangaroa.

More than a fishing show, Tangaroa with Pio explores the deep relationships Maori have with the sea, lakes and rivers, and the traditional Maori respect for the environment.

A bilingual series, it takes Pio from little-known corners of the Far North to Pitt Island, the world’s most southern inhabited island. There are also lots of stops in between, including Opononi, Horeke, Mitimiti, Pawarenga, Whangape, Ruakaka, Matauri Bay and Aotea.

Tangaroa with Pio also lands at the Chatham Islands for the first time, where Pio hunts for ancient sharks' teeth and catches hapuka. He also visits the tiny island of Rangiahua, just off Great Barrier, which is occupied by only one whanau.

The father-of-three is joined by his own whanau on the trip, including his fishing-mad son Dalton aged eleven, and everyone gets to sample lots of seafood along the way.

Pio and son Dalton
Pio and son Dalton
Photo source - Maori television
Click here to view a larger version

Tangaroa with Pio also covers the important subject of staying safe around water, including a Water Safety New Zealand-approved section on 'Safety Tips'.

"My friends and whanau are always glad when I come back from filming Tangaroa with Pio because I have some genuine fishing stories for once - and these are the ones that didn’t get away!" says Pio. "Not so good is the puku I bring home from all that delicious kaimoana I get to try - and try again - at each stop. Ah, it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it."

Join Pio for a new series of aquatic adventures when Tangaroa with Pio premieres on Maori Television on Monday January 22 at 8.00 pm.

Additional information for Tangaroa with Pio
Year - 2006
Production Company - AKA Productions
Duration - 13-part, 30-minute series
Censor - General Exhibition (G)
Language - Maori and English languages

Glossary of Maori words
Tangaroa - the Maori god of the sea
Whanau - family
Puku - tummy/belly
Kaimoana - sea food - it literally means Kai (food) Moana (sea)
Hapuka - a type of fish, groper

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