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Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours

Valentine's Day Survey Results from NZ Post - 04/02/05

Courting Kiwis pledge their passion by post and NZPost offers a prize trip to Paris

Valentine's Day Survey Results from NZ Post
Valentine's Day Survey Results from NZ Post

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For expressions of love, the best route to New Zealanders' hearts is through the mail. A New Zealand Post survey in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch has revealed what's on the minds and in the hearts of men and women on Valentine's Day.

Top of the findings is that pledging your passion by post is the best way to get your sweetheart swooning. 78% of the 550 respondents said getting a Valentine's message in the mail would give them the greatest romantic surprise and excitement.

"The results tell us clearly that New Zealanders still love a love letter - that there is still something incredibly romantic and mysterious about receiving a message of love in the post," said Gregory Thomas, New Zealand Post's Consumer Programme Manager.

To keep the love flowing through the mail, New Zealand Post is offering courting Kiwis the chance to win a trip for two to Paris by drawing a heart on the back of their Valentine's envelope and mailing it within New Zealand from 9-12 February. "We want to share a little love with our customers by sending one lucky couple to the most romantic city in the world," said Mr Thomas.

Appropriately enough, there is passionate debate about which centre can claim to be New Zealand?s own 'City Of Love'. Amorous Aucklanders are the most likely to send a Valentine's message this year, but Wellington men showed their tender side by wanting a romantic Valentine's card more than anyone else. Christchurch women were the most likely to spice up their love messages by sealing them with a kiss.

Daniel Carter and Nicky Watson have beaten everyone from the Prime Minister to Peter Jackson as the local celebrities that Kiwis would most love to get a Valentines card from in their letterbox, but they had a lot of 'hot' competition.

Auckland men fancied Brooke Fraser as much as Nicky Watson, but Brooke Fraser was top of the pops with men in her home town of Wellington. Nicky Watson was the clear favourite for men in Christchurch. Auckland women chose Carlos Spencer as often as they did Daniel Carter in the battle for the foxiest first five-eight. However, Christchurch women overlooked local hero Daniel Carter and were more attracted by Russell Crowe's beautiful mind. For women under 18, not many if any dudes could beat rap artist Scribe, who was more than twice as popular as his nearest rival.

Others who made it on the Valentine's wish-list include Paul Holmes, Judy Bailey, Stephen Fleming, Winston Peters, Eva the Bulgarian and 'the lady from the Briscoes commercials'.

You don't have to be a celebrity to win adoration for posting a Valentine's. New Zealanders rate people who mail Valentine's messages as great shakes in the love stakes, saying that they are best described as people who make an effort and know the importance of a personal touch (53%), or who have a greater sense of romance (27%).

When it comes to expressing love, New Zealanders favour romance over raunchiness. Over four times as many people rated romantic Valentines cards as most likely to get their hearts fluttering compared to those who like their cards a little steamy.

Kiwis also like the classical approach to signing off their messages of love, with lots of x's (xxxxxx) proving the most popular option ahead of 'Your Secret Admirer', 'All my love, your Snuggly Bear', and 'a great big kiss print with red lipstick'.

"Quite a few respondents suggested traditional favourites such as 'lots of love' and 'yours forever', which goes to show that Valentine's Day is still about good old-fashioned love and romance," said Mr Thomas.

"Overall, these survey results say that whether people want to declare their love openly or express it secretly, posting a Valentine's message is a personal and romantic way to do it."

And which group was revealed as New Zealand's most romantic? Proving that true love doesn't fade with age, the over 40-year-olds beat the hormone-charged youngsters, with every person surveyed in this age category having sent a Valentine's card before.

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