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  Subject Author Posted Time
Rodney Hides book My Year of Living Dangerously Dorothy 0- 2007

The Land of Doing Without Davey Gunn of the Hollyford Dorothy 0- 2007

Expand Lighting the Coast skykissme 0- 2007
Reading this book was for me an enjoyable lesson in a new aspect of
our country'ss history and an insight into the unremitting toil of
those who worked to keep the lights shining around our coasts.
Re:Lighting the Coast Dorothy 0- 2007

Expand Book Review - Shaping a Colonial Church skykissme 0- 2006

Expand Building a New Zealand Owned Online Shopping Mall kiwishopper 0- 2006

Expand 1918 influenza pandemic in New Zealand Dorothy 0- 2006

Expand Celia Lashlie's book "He'll be Okay: growing gorgeous boys into good men" skykissme 0- 2006
This book should interest most readers because it stimulates us to
think about our own adolescence and its problems, and to wonder how
relationships could have been managed better.
Re:Celia Lashlies book ScreamingSuccess 0- 2009

Expand The Life of Guy Menzies The Forgotten Flyer - by Max Wearne skykissme 0- 2006

Expand My Place skykissme 1- 2005
It's great to read a book which shows what sort of things New
Zealanders most value in life - not just money. Having a place to call
home is very special and it is good that immigrants have been able to
write that they have a feeling of being at home in their new
Re:My Place Dorothy 0- 2006

Expand Bob Goddards Land of the Long Wild Road Pimmy 0- 2005
good way to travel around New Zealand. See what way people who are
there before us travelling around this beautiful country. And what is
your way?
Re:Bob Goddards Land of the Long Wild Road mardie 0- 2005
Re:Bob Goddards Land of the Long Wild Road Dorothy 0- 2005

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