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Forum:    New Zealand Travel
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Expand Winter Festival Queenstown skykissme 0- 2006
It was a real credit to the Queenstown community that their zero waste
policy was widely accepted to the extent that they only found one
glass bottle on Earnslaw Parade, the streets were clean by 10.45pm and
whereas previously they took 60 wheelie bins of rubbish to the tip,
this year they were down to six.
Re:Winter Festival Queenstown Pimmy 0- 2006

Expand Why go from Christchurch to Queenstown or Wanaka by bus skykissme 0- 2006

Expand Christchurch to Waitaki River skykissme 0- 2006
I have travelled along this road with a driver who just wanted to get
from point A to point B without pausing or looking at the countryside.
I now see that it was a wasted opportunity to see interesting sights
along the way.
Re:Waitaki Rover to Dunedin Pimmy 0- 2006
   Re:Waitaki Rover to Dunedin yulian 1- 2007

Expand Peak climbing in Nepal!! Island (Imsa Tse) peak climbing!! Trekking Pe nepalclimbing 0- 2006

Expand Hollyford skykissme 1- 2005
Those who have walked this track rate it as one of their most
beautiful wilderness experiences. The photos in this article give us a
glimpse of what it offers and these can be appreciated by those who
cannot make the trip themselves.
Re:Hollyford Matt Levene-Jaemont 1- 2005

Expand Queen Mary 2 visit to New Zealand skykissme 1- 2005

Expand Kea Campers Pimmy 1- 2005

Expand Holidays relaxing workers Pimmy 0- 2005

Expand Rotorua - Wellington skykissme 0- 2005
I think this is one of the most interesting trips on New Zealand's
roads because of the variety of the scenery and being in a motor coach
above most other traffic makes the views even more impressive.
Re:Rotorua - Wellington tyronc 0- 2006
   Re:Rotorua - Wellington Neil Harrap 0- 2006

Expand Kaki skykissme 0- 2005

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