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Forum:    What's on in New Zealand
  Subject Author Posted Time
Hot!more hot!!hot sell nike shoesjordanaf1shoxAF1-25yeardunkadidaspuma SDFGDFGHF 1- 2008

Ben Browns Adventure Beyond the Universe - The Return of the Nephilim benbrownsadventure 1- 2008

New Zealand music at Queenstown and Christchurch Pimmy 0- 2007

Expand Pros and Cons for Guy Fawkes fireworks Dorothy 1- 2006
We used to have a celebrations when the children were small, but it
was mainly with sparklers and small fireworks. Now the more powerful
fireworks represent more of a threat.
Re:Pros and Cons for Guy Fawkes fireworks Mark 1- 2006

Expand Inglis Everest climb benefits Cambodia Trust skykissme 0- 2006

Expand ICT at UC Dorothy 0- 2006

Expand High-tech way of getting somewhere big_buff 0- 2006

Expand Menzies Celebrations skykissme 0- 2006
The committee organising the celebrations deserve congratulations for
their extensive programme which combined so effectively past history
and present tributes to an outstanding and adventurous aviator.
Re:Menzies Celebrations Dorothy 0- 2006
Re:Menzies Celebrations Dorothy 0- 2006

Expand Hokitika - Wildfood Festival!!! Pimmy 0- 2006
Claire Bryant’s idea for the Wildfoods Festival has helped put
Hokitika even more firmly on tourists’ itineraries as a town full of
initiative and welcoming visitors. People in other small towns would
do well to think about what is special about their region and how it
could produce a unique tourist attraction.
Re:Hokitika - Wildfood Festival!!! mytonw 0- 2007

Expand New Zealand International Arts Festival 2006 highlights Dorothy 0- 2006

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