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  Subject Author Posted Time
The value of poetry in education Dorothy 0- 2007

Beatrice Hill Tinsley astronomer skykissme 0- 2007

Human changes to rainforests damaging the web of life skykissme 0- 2007

Comet McNaught Dorothy 0- 2007

Expand Douglas Lilburn His life and Music Dorothy 1- 2006
Having read this book I am now seeking opportunities to listen to more
of Lilburn's music.
Re:Douglas Lilburn His life and Music Dorothy 0- 2007

Expand Aucklands AUT University Developments Dorothy 0- 2006

Expand MacDiarmid Young Scientists of the Year Awards skykissme 0- 2006
All these young scientist are working to improve people's quality of
life - health, preservation of fossil fuels and security. It is
appropriate  that their work is being encouraged by recognition.
Congratulations and good wishes for further success.
Re:MacDiarmid Young Scientists of the Year Awards Burritovision 0- 2006

Expand Robotic research skykissme 0- 2006

Expand Stardome Observatory astronomer helps discover another new planet Dorothy 0- 2006
I have heard people talking about microlensing and been puzzled about
what the term meant. This article gives a good explanation of what is
Re:Stardome Observatory astronomer helps discover another new planet Dorothy 0- 2006

Expand Education for special needs students skykissme 0- 2006
It is good that many special needs people are now out in the community
and sharing in activities instead of living in an institution and
spending most of their lives there.
Re:Education for special needs students Nikita002 0- 2007

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