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Photography from Australia and New Zealand
Exhibition and special auction curated by Alison Hollan -- 2002-06-07 auction and exhibition co-hosted by the Australian Consulate General and the New Zealand Consulate General in New York, celebrating Australian and New Zealand photography.
Finalists list
-- 2004-03-13

Richard Greenaway - family historian and librarian - Genealogy Services
Dorothy -- 2002-03-29

Richard Greenaway, family historian and librarian at Christchurch City Libraries, directs historians and genealogists to a wide ranging sources.
Maria Hand Wins Young Food Writer Award
Dorothy -- 2001-12-21

Maria Hand describes winning the NZ Tamarillo Growers Association Young Food Writer Award
Defending The Indefensible
Mark Aitchison -- 2001-01-05

New Zealand's present and possible defence strategies and military hardware are discussed.
Society for Research on Women and New Horizons for Women Trust (Inc)
Dorothy -- 2001-09-07

Society for Research on Women offers a symposium; New Horizons for Women Trust (Inc) gives highest number of awards."
August On Our Lifestyle Block
Written and illustrated by Zela Charlton -- 2001-09-07

Lifestyle block farmer, Zela Charlton, describes spring and lambing in New Zealand's Northland.
Windflow Technology Ltd: An interview with Geoff Henderson and Dr Neil Cherry - Windflow Technology Ltd
Dorothy -- 2001-05-25

Windflow Technology Ltd will manufacture innovative windmills to produce economical electricity from wind power.
Letters from World War 1 - Part 6 - New Zealand Soldier
Alister Robison -- 2001-04-06

New Zealand soldier in France is in camp, but has seen no action so far.
NZine's 200th Issue - New Zealand ezine
-- 2003-11-07

Staff, readers and writers express their pleasure at NZine's 200th issue.
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