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Welcome To NZine's New Format
NZine Editor -- 1999-08-13

We hope you like the new NZine format and find it easier to read and to navigate.
NZ Hot Issues * Why Ignore The Realities Of Drugs? - New Zealand
Tim Barnett -- 1999-05-28

The Government’s newly released National Drug Policy package reminds me of someone covering their ears with their hands and shouting “la la la”! It blatantly ignores the realities of drug use in New Zealand and reeks of ideology winnin
TV2 International LAUGH! Festival 1999 - New Zealand comedy
Sue May -- 1999-05-07

The TV2 International LAUGH! Festival enjoyed what festival director Margi Mellsop describes as "a highly successful first week and a brilliant weekend..."
Focus In Your Garden - gardens
Kate Methven -- 1999-01-08

A focal point in your garden can be made by adding sculptures or cleverly recycling discarded junk.
Christmas Message From The Team At NZine *
NZine Team -- 1998-12-18

Well Johnny
Dylan Mulholland -- 1998-12-18

So Christmas is only days away and you still haven't bought any presents...well I'm still trying to work out how much to lie to my kids about the existence of the mythical fatman....
Empty Your Wallet
Amy Duncan -- 1998-12-04

Empty your wallet and buy into a traditional Western Christmas - this Millennium's Marketing Marvel!...
The Prosperity Position Of Toilet Seats * toilet seats
Dylan Mulholland -- 1998-11-27

I recently made the mistake of leaving the toilet seat up after use when my partner had one of her friends around. Apparently this is the worst of all male sins...
The Imperial British Conservative Party - Part 1 - Imperial
The Wizard Of New Zealand -- 1998-07-18

I fully realise that the mere mention of such words as "Imperial", "British", and "Conservative" is likely to produce shudders of fear or mocking laughter. However, before rejecting it out of hand, I beg the reader to temporarily s
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