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An Interactive E-Book: The Dream Of Bones
-- 2004-03-14

This is a Progressive, Interactive e-Book. Once you've finished reading the latest chapter you can post your suggestions on where the story might go next...
Richard William Pearse - flying
-- 2004-12-23

Article about Richard William Pearse of Waitohi New Zealand who on or about 31 March 1903 became the first person to fly, more than eight months before the Wright Brothers....
NZ Hot Issues * Why Ignore The Realities Of Drugs? - New Zealand
Tim Barnett -- 1999-05-28

The Government’s newly released National Drug Policy package reminds me of someone covering their ears with their hands and shouting “la la la”! It blatantly ignores the realities of drug use in New Zealand and reeks of ideology winnin
Recommended In New Zealand * - New Zealand
-- 2003-11-07

Article contains recommendations on New Zealand places to stay, to visit, to eat and drink, to walk, and New Zealand shopping.
NZ Hot Issues * Schools
Dorothy -- 1997-08-07

Shirley Primary School fights Telecom over the siting of a cellphone tower close by, in Christchurch, New Zealand.
NZ Hot Issues * Hidden Speed Cameras
Conrad -- 1997-08-14

NZ Hot Issues * Banning Firearms
Conrad -- 1997-09-04

NZ Hot Issues * Air Pollution
Conrad -- 1997-09-11

Live Poodle In Your Microwave!
Dwayne Francks -- 1997-10-30

Moratorium On Casinos
Dorothy -- 1997-11-13

Discussion on the proposed moratorium on opening of new casinos in New Zealand where there are two at present
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