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Pigs Are Pigs
Anthony Terry -- 1998-01-09

An article on the appalling conditions in which pigs are farmed for meat and breeding purposes in New Zealand.
NZ Hot Issues * Nuking Iraq
Dorothy -- 1998-02-13

Extract from speech by General Lee Butler opposing the use of nuclear weapons against Iraq and comment by Rob Green
The Virgin Mary And Condom
Conrad -- 1998-03-13

An article on the contoversy caused by the exhibiting of a statuette of the Virgin Mary with a condom pulled over it at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.
The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away - Part 1 - New Zealand
Conrad -- 1998-05-23

Consistency hasn't been a strong point for the New Zealand Coalition Government recently, adversely affecting employment and essential services like Fire and Police...
The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away - Part 2 - New Zealand
Conrad -- 1998-06-06

The state of the New Zealand Health system has been under scrutiny a lot recently. Firstly there was the Taranaki-King Country by-election...
NZ Hot Issues * What Value Your Vote? - proportional representation
Dorothy -- 1998-09-11

Difficulties with MMP have led to the break up of the governing coalition leaving many voters distrustful of the political situation .
NZ Hot Issues * International Year of the Elderly? - elderly
Graham Stairmand -- 1998-10-09

New Zealand government makes budget cuts by reducing future increases in superannuation payments and refusing to cut asset testing for elderly hospital patients .
NZ Hot Issues * The Hikoi Of Hope - New Zealand
Dorothy -- 1998-10-16

Article discusses the Hikoi of Hope, organised by the Anglican Church, a walk from north and south to Wellington to highlight issues of poverty and deprivation.
NZ Hot Issues * Cut To Funding For Three Voluntary Sector Umbrella Groups - Christian Social Services
Dorothy -- 1998-11-13

Cuts to Government funding of umbrella social service groups appear to be a response to their criticism of Government policy.
NZ Hot Issues * Student Loans - A Gateway To Education Or A Crippling Millstone? - tertiary students
Dorothy -- 1998-12-04

Abuse of the Student Loan Scheme is the stated reason for new Government regulations changing rules for payment and repayment of loans.
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