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NZ Hot Issues * No Payment Of Students' Association Fees From Student Loans - tertiary students
Dorothy -- 1998-12-11

Article questions why the Government will not sanction payment of Students' Union fees from Student Loans and asks whether it is because the students criticise the Government.
Waihopai - Worry and Waste - spy base
Yani Johanson -- 1999-01-08

An article written by a convicted Anti-bases campaigner questioning the funding and information classification with regards to the New Zealand Government's Defence Satellite Communications Unit at Waihopi in Blenheim, New Zealand.
Car Theft Scheme Targets Those Under 25 - New Zealand
Conrad -- 1999-02-19

Apparently a successful scheme to combat car theft but whose cars are being protected and whose are not? Who benefits and who pays? What sort of precedent is being set?
NZ Hot Issues * Ordaining Gay And Lesbian People As Clergy And Leaders - ordaining homosexuals
Dorothy -- 1999-02-26

Although groups in the Christian churches disagree about ordaining gay and lesbian people the real issue is the interpretation of the Bible.
NZ Hot Issues * New Zealand MMP Crisis
Conrad -- 1997-07-31

NZ Hot Issues * The Voice Of The People Is The Voice Of God
Lynda -- 1997-08-21

NZ Hot Issues * Let Them Eat Cake
Conrad -- 1997-10-09

Lonely Planet's New Zealand
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2004-10-22

Lonely Planet's "New Zealand" gives detailed practical advice to NZ visitors and is designed to meet individual travellers' needs.
New Zealand Immigrant on problems and opportunities
Dorothy -- 2004-09-24

Young single well-educated man from Wales readily accepted in New Zealand, but had employment difficulties after army service
New Zealand Woman Immigrant on difficulties over employment
Dorothy -- 2004-09-24

Margit came for husband's job, no openings in TV or radio for her cooking shows, did a BA, works in University library.
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