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Cancer Society New Zealand's views on smoking
Lynne St Clair-Chapman -- 2010-05-05

On April 20 the Society expressed concern at the number of New Zealanders dying of illness caused by smoking: on April 29 it applauded the Government's increase in the taxation of tobacco products ...
From the Editor's mailbox – Green Initiatives
New Zealanders taking action to keep New Zealand clean and green

Alexa Forbes, Kate Taylor and Mark Devlin -- 2009-07-31

Green New Zealand businesses are taking decisive action to protect the environment and having their success benchmarked to an international standard. Prospective customers and clients are now able to go to a Green business directory …
Keisha Castle-Hughes saves the whales
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) -- 2009-05-22

Whale Rider star, Keisha Castle-Hughes, is working with WSPA to encourage the New Zealand Government to speak out against any proposal which would threaten the international whaling ban …
Medsafe Blocks Safe Meds and Recommends Suicidal Meds
Health Freedom -- 2008-04-04

Medsafe conducts a witch hunt against the natural health industry, but tells us to keep taking Singulair allergy and asthma drug even though the US FDA is reviewing it because of possible suicide risks involved. …
Fighter gets support from across illness sector as High Court case begins.
Vivette Reid -- 2008-03-20

Health campaigner Melanie Trevethick and her organisation Equity For Illness aim to force a change in Government funding for people with illnesses …
New Zealand Government not interested in keeping Coastguard Afloat
Margie Sorensen -- 2007-05-23

Years of work have been invested into the country's long overdue revamp of Search and Rescue services, but the New Zealand Government has ignored the advice and solutions ....
Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs - for health or profit?
Dorothy -- 2006-12-08

This advertising, permitted only in New Zealand and the United States, has fittingly been described as “the medicalisation of the well population”. Are these advertisements beneficial to the community?
Oxfam urges Kiwis to hit the road
jason garman -- 2006-11-13

Oxfam Trailwalker is coming back to Taupo on April 14-15, 2007 and the reservation deadline for this charity ultrachallenge is 30 November 2006 ….
Let's face the issues and change our attitudes towards all forms of abuse.
Liz Kinley -- 2006-11-10

Poverty, substance addictions, or stress may exacerbate the violence, but they are not the root cause of it. In 2005 the Government established the Taskforce for Action on Violence within Families ….
Guy Fawkes Day – the history
Dorothy -- 2006-10-30

We have fun celebrating the failure of a treasonous plot, but at the same time many people misuse the fireworks and risk lives and property ….
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