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Automobile Association New Zealand serves motorists well
AA media releases -- 2006-10-13

Information about safety checks on new and used vehicles, car security systems, improved emissions tests on used vehicle imports ….
Result of the next election could depend on how parties protect New Zealanders' quality of life
UMR Research -- 2006-09-29

A party which concentrates on achieving sustainable economic growth ­while preserving the New Zealand quality of life could significantly improve its chances of forming the next government …..
Aussies Strive to Beat Kiwis in Expat Census
Anne MacGregor -- 2006-09-08

Rivalry between Australia and New Zealand is ubiquitous, traditionally most pronounced on the sporting field, but now the two countries are competing in an entirely new sphere ….
Minister speaks about the National Drug Policy
The Hon Jim Anderton -- 2006-06-09

The full text of a speech discussing important aspects of the policy, progress in implementing it and future initiatives ….
When is an insurance scheme not an insurance scheme?
Dorothy -- 2006-05-19

Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton supports the pensioners who spoke out against the Southern Cross Healthcare increases in premiums for the elderly ….
"Black November: The 1918 influenza pandemic in New Zealand" by Geoffrey W. Rice
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2006-04-28

A detailed investigation of this topic makes most timely reading for people everywhere living under the threat of a bird flu pandemic …
New direction needed by the New Zealand Prison system
Marc Alexander -- 2006-04-07

"We need sentences that stick and reflect the crime; the criminal justice system needs to be on the side of the law abiding rather than the criminal" ....
The Privacy Act: A hindrance to social service synergy?
Liam Butler -- 2006-01-20

New Zealand Privacy Commissioner in 2002 - "The principles in the Act are in fact quite general.". It is this generality which continues to be a source of consternation for social service agencies ....
Tampa boys well anchored in New Zealand
Charlotte Lobo -- 2005-10-07

Documentary touches upon the challenges faced by the Tampa refugees who sailed ashore with literally no place to call home but New Zealand ....
Afghanistan to Aotearoa
Ezra Low -- 2005-10-07

When the Tampa refugees had no country to settle in, the New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark offered to accept 132 of them for resettlement in New Zealand ...
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