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New Zealand lessons from Tsunami
-- 2005-03-24

New Zealanders need to be better prepared for tsunamis according to Canterbury University academic Dr Erica Dalziell. “It is not a matter of if but when” ….
Challenges and satisfactions in the role of mayor of Kapiti District
Alan Milne talks to Dorothy about his work -- 2005-03-12

Many of the challenges Alan Milne faces arise from growth in the area, especially the ever increasing traffic passing into or through the area ....
Patients' rights over medication
Margaret -- 2005-02-27

The issue of whether Cox-2 inhibitors should be banned has raised again the question of patients' rights ....
Giant eagles not just the stuff of legends
Reprinted from the University of Canterbury\ -- 2005-02-20

The enormous Haast's eagle dominated its environment ....
Valentine's Day Survey
Survey Results from NZ Post -- 2005-01-04

Courting Kiwis pledge their passion by post and NZPost offers a prize trip to Paris ....
Kiwis in Australia
Siobhan Coleman -- 2004-06-04

Siobhan Coleman investigates the attitudes of young Kiwis in Australia and reasons why many hesitate to return to New Zealand.
New Zealand Electricity Generation Changes Proposed
News release from the Energy Trusts of New Zealand Inc -- 2003-10-21

ETNZ advocates law change to allow consumer trusts to invest in generation facilities and sell that power directly to consumers
Effects of Depleted Uranium
Reprinted from the Houston Catholic Worker and the Aust -- 2003-09-30

Cdr Robert Green on appalling health damage caused by Depleted Uranium in Both Gulf Wars, affecting US, UK & Iraqi people
New Zealand Electricity Problems
News release from the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust -- 2003-09-19

New Zealand's lines/energy split substantially and detrimentally affected investment in new generation facilities - Auckland Energy Consumer Trust
Letter to NZine
Alister Hunt -- 2002-10-11

A Commission of Inquiry should consider fundamental questions about the leaky houses problem in New Zealand
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