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Letter to NZine
Margaret -- 2002-07-19

Voter protests that coverage of 2002 election focuses on Party Leaders, Party Vote and polls rather than candidates
Reducing Violent Crime in New Zealand
Mark Aitchison -- 2002-05-24

Dealing with those who commit violent crimes includes determining lengths of sentences, ensuring incarceration brings reform, and conditions of release.
Jim and the Bell-Ringer - Palesine
Mark -- 2002-04-12

Links between political spats at home and the ongoing cycle of violence in the Middle East. The world needs maturity. It is not an optional extra. Not an afterthought, once you clobber your enemies...
An Ex-pat Kiwi Comments on the Impact of Student Loans - Student Loans
Liam Butler -- 2002-03-15

As student debt figures balloon, Butler suggests repayment through community service and clearer communication on penalties for being in arrears.
Long Live the Queen!
Zela Charlton -- 2002-03-01

Questions about leadership if New Zealand were to become a republic are raised by Zela Charlton.
Holocaust - A Term Much Discussed By New Zealanders - Maori
Dorothy -- 2000-11-10

Two Maori Ministers of Government have described as a holocaust the impact on Maori of European colonisation of New Zealand.
Court Declares: Police Searched Academic's House Because He Is A Social Justice Activist - New Zealand
David Small -- 2000-05-19

The Christchurch High Court has awarded University of Canterbury academic and spycatcher, David Small, $20,000 in compensation as a result of the unreasonable Police search of his Riccarton Road home in July 1996.
Moving Into A Commercial Retirement Village - Retirement Villages
Dorothy -- 2000-04-14

Purchasing a unit in a commercial retirement village is a misleading expression, says Christchurch lawyer, Leo Steel.
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