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Sharon Course -- 2007-01-17

More than a fishing show, Tangaroa with Pio explores Maoris' deep relationships with the sea, lakes and rivers, and their respect for the environment. Series begins on Maori TV on Monday January 22 at 8.00 p m...
House-sitting without controlling adults
Jessica -- 2003-01-07

Two young women, free of parents, try out their house sitting as a preview for flatting
Confusing New Zealand Christmas - summer activities and winter food.
Zela Charlton -- 2002-12-09

Christmas in New Zealand's mainly secular society combines main the summer break and traditional Christian celebrations with food designed for winter
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? - Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road
Dwayne Francks -- 2001-01-19

Dwayne Franks presents a collection of Emails to explain why the chicken did indeed cross the road - featuring persons such as Bill Gates, James T Kirk, George Bush, Paul Holmes and Bill Clinton
Exploding Pavlova - Humour
Ged Maybury -- 2000-08-04

Humorist, Ged Maybury, enjoys commenting on the quirks of fashion design.
Stress Less... Just For The Health Of It - Stress Management
Dwayne Francks -- 2000-04-14

Article about how less stress is better, ways you can reduce the stress in your life and make it everything you want it to be!
More Meals Of The Flatting Era - New Zealand
Jon Rivers -- 2000-03-24

More amusing tales about cooking attempts from another first flatting experience...
Meals Of The Flatting Era - New Zealand
Sally Mulligan -- 2000-02-11

Having been recently thrown headfirst into this whole flatting thing, I have just really started to appreciate how scary food can be. And that it is possible to get sick of toast...
The Joys Of First-time Student Flatting - University
Dewes -- 2000-02-04

Flatting, of the 'student' kind is truly an experience in itself - perhaps even an 'adventure' to an optimist. This year, a change of courses meant a different city - suddenly I found myself face to face with a 'student flat...
DON'T SEND Christmas Cards! - Christmas
Dwayne Francks -- 1999-12-22

Humorist, Dwayne Francks, declares that sending Christmas cards is meaningless and suggests an alternative through a promo idea for Telecom!!.
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