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Dictionary For Perplexed Voters - Politics
Mark Aitchison -- 1999-11-19

The following terms are defined in order to help new voters, who may have difficulty understanding the subtlety of meaning given to them by politicians.
Floral (Unconfirmed) Conspiracy Theory - Humour
Dwayne -- 1999-11-11

Flowers look innocent, but florists and IF wield immense power which should be monitored, according to Dwayne Francks' entertaining ironic comment.
Looks Like Rain:   - Oh!   - Ohhh!   - Oooo-OH! - email
Ged Maybury -- 1999-10-29

Humouor article - Ged gets excited about the ramifications of a pop-psychobabble quiz...
Attitude - That's Your Problem! - motivational speakers
Dwayne Francks -- 1999-10-15

You hear it all the time from the likes of motivational speakers. You hear it at work. You hear from your friends. You also hear it from athletes, wheel chair victims, and wealthy people...
The Continuing Saga Of The Bathroom - Do It Yourself
Patti Bradfield -- 1999-08-27

Humorous account of the problems encountered when the family attempt Do It Yourself renovations in the bathroom.
Welcome to INAŽ- Ingesting Natural Animals - Dwayne Francks
Dwayne Francks -- 2000-10-20

Dwayne Francks portrays an amazing picture of 'Ingesting Natural Animals'.
Designasaur 9 - Trolley Derby - Supermarket trolleys
Ged Maybury -- 1999-06-25

A humorous comment on how supermarket trolleys have changed the shopping experience - the size of our purchases and the hazards of the process.
Designasaur 8 - Meet You At The Maul - Malls
Ged Maybury -- 1999-05-21

Malls developed on a similar pattern in many towns in many countries have failed in their purpose of encouraging social interaction among citizens.
Designasaur 7 - A Gold Card Dumb Design Award With Bells On - humour
Ged Maybury -- 1999-04-09

A humorous critical comment on architects' buildings and resulting public debate, with particularly negative comment about the Christchurch railway station.
Designasaur 6 - Dumb Playground Equipment Design - architecture
Ged Maybury -- 1999-03-19

Having children does this to you. Suddenly you are aware of all the terrible dangers this modern world presents to the barely-walking. Like playgrounds. .
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