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Designasaur 5 - Architects Need To Have Children Of Their Own * - architecture
Ged Maybury -- 1999-03-05

Architects need to have children of their own - a Dumb Design Award is given for a hazard for small children on the terrace at Christchurch's Park Royal Hotel.
The 2000 BUG - y2k
Dwayne Francks -- 1998-11-21

Let me get this right. When midnight strikes on Dec 31, 1999 all hell is going to break loose on the world...
Makes My Willy Go Up And Down
Dwayne Francks -- 1998-09-18

My attention was focused on equilibrium induced nausea, yet young Joel was well aware and cognizant of a sensuous sensation....
Living With A Geek... And His Crap * wires
Tess Rooney -- 1998-07-18

This column is for anyone who has the fate of being married to, or living with a geek...
The Life Of A Shift Worker
Renée Robinson -- 1997-05-15

"You Old Fart!"
Dwayne Francks -- 1997-06-12

I'd Like To Share A Needle With You - humour
Dwayne Francks -- 1998-05-16

What happens to visitors in Auckland- aside from having to carry an umbrella around all day and a torch at night? They probably want to have a look around. It's impossible to look around and not see the Sky Tower. You could be sitting on a toilet i
Meatball Season * Dwayne Francks *
Dwayne Francks -- 1998-02-13

Keep It Simple
Dwayne Francks -- 1997-10-23

Heckle or Hide: Glimpse 2 of 2
Dwayne Francks -- 1997-06-26

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