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Letter to NZine
Margaret -- 2001-10-19

Letter stresses that violence against innocent civilians is not new, and asks what the present war will achieve
Letters to NZine - Journalist Researching The 'Brain Drain' From New Zealand - New Zealand Brain Drain
Yvette Adams -- 2000-07-14

Letter requests information from NZ expatriates for research on the 'brain drain'.
Waitangi Day - Letter To NZine - New Zealand
John Creely -- 2000-01-28

Every year we celebrate Waitangi Day with a national holiday. To many it is nothing more than that, just another day off work...
Letter To NZine - How Appropriate Is The Story Of The Good Samaritan Today? - George Washington
Bob Bargh -- 2000-01-14

George Washington and the Cherry Tree and the Good Samaritan are well known myths, but Bob Bargh questions their relevance today.
Letter To NZine - Election Referendum - violent offenders
Margaret Clarke -- 1999-12-17

Whether violent offenders should be given longer sentences and hard labour and whether victims need more support should be separate questions for voters.
Letter To NZine - Problems For Voters - Election 1999
Margaret Clarke -- 1999-11-26

Voter apathy may be due to disillusionment over past broken promises by previous governments of which present leaders were part.
Letter To NZine - Tax Policies - New Zealand Election
Anne Frankland -- 1999-11-26

I can't believe that Kim Hill (on Radio New Zealand) in reply to Winston Peters questioning her knowledge of the tax policies of Labour and National does not know what they are. Her reply: 'Labour up, National down ' is biased towards
Letters To NZine - Where Is The Support And Sponsorship For Women's Sport? - New Zealand Women's Sport
Sally Mulligan -- 1999-11-11

Support and sponsorship for New Zealand women's league, rugby and cricket teams is lacking and better refereeing is needed.
Letters To NZine - Why I Am Still Concerned About The Collapse Of The Opuha Dam - dam failure
Alister Hunt (Retired Civil Engineer) -- 1999-09-03

Civil engineers are concerned that the collapse of the Opuha Dam did not lead to an exhaustive inquiry to determine the cause.
Letters To NZine - Bob Bargh - Rural New Zealand
11/6/99 -- 2003-11-07

Quality of life in New Zealand has deteriorated with numerous changes faced by New Zealanders, especially rural people, in the last fifteen years.
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