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The New Zealand Experience
Patti Bradfield -- 1997-10-23

This article describes the reaction of an American arriving in New Zealand for the first time in midwinter.
All That Glitters
Ann Croupier -- 1997-11-13

Fitzy Leaves The Game * Sean Fitzpatrick Tribute * All Black Captain * rugby hero
Mark -- 1998-05-02

Captain Sean Fitzpatrick will not play for the All Blacks ever again. After 92 test matches, this week he announced his retirement...
Cu4 Christmas * Dwayne Francks * Thinking about Christmas? I dread it!
Dwayne Francks -- 1997-11-06

Collecting - A Pleasure Or An Addiction?
Dorothy -- 1998-02-20

Article discusses collecting tangible and intangible treasures.
Christchurch - The Place To Be In 2000 AD
Defyd Williams -- 1996-12-19

No Set Patterns In The Lives Of Working Mothers - Working mothers
Dorothy -- 2000-09-15

Women from Indonesia, Taiwan and New Zealand talk about the daily lives of working mothers.
- Sir Lawrence Govan - Lawrie To His Friends - New Zealand manufacturing
Dorothy -- 2000-06-02

Sir Lawrence Govan's work in New Zealand manufacturing and finance, and his community work, made him an influential figure.
The Economics Of The Family: Peeking Into The "Black Box" - family benefit
Judy Bethwaite, Victoria University of Wellington -- 1998-02-12

Economist Judy Bethwaite questions the eonomists' theory that household expenditure is not influenced by the female share.
Before Christmas
Kelly -- 1996-12-12

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