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People Making Changes Issue 39 - Water For Survival - water
Dorothy -- 1998-11-07

In "Water for Survival" New Zealand engineers raise money for water, sanitation and health education for villagers in Africa, India and Nepal.
People Making Changes Issue 38 - Self Help For Sufferers From M.E.(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) - M.E.
Dorothy -- 1998-09-25

Article describes the work of M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome researcher, Jackie Steincamp, investigating possible causes and treatment for this illness and protection against it.
People Making Changes Issue 37 - Greypower New Zealand - Greypower
Dorothy -- 1998-09-11

Greypower New Zealand is not a political party but an organisation of senior citizens working to support the rights of New Zealanders of all ages.
People Making Changes Issue 36 - Senior Citizens Become Computer Literate * New Zealand
Dorothy -- 1998-07-18

Article describes how senior citizens with computer skills teach other senior citizens to use computers at SeniorNet.
People Making Changes Issue 9 * Parents Centre Innovations
Dorothy -- 1997-03-13

Parents Centre works for parent education, family friendly communities, and family friendly workplaces
* Nzine * People Making Changes Issue 8 * Starting Small Businesses
Dorothy -- 1997-02-27

Specialised training in business skills is helping many unemployed New Zealanders to start their own businesses.
People Making Changes Issue 7 * Taiwanese Society volunteering
Dorothy -- 1997-02-20

Members of the Taiwanese Society in Christchurch, New Zealand, want to serve their new community and have set up a volunteer service helping frail or disabled people.
People Making Changes Issue 6 * Rebuilding a shattered life
Dorothy -- 1997-02-13

A New Zealander confined to a wheelchair after an accident fights his way back to fulfilment through education and after twelve years takes a few steps.
People Making Changes Issue 5 * NZ Ski Lodge Management
Dorothy -- 1997-02-07

A farmer and a school teacher take over a tourist lodge in Methven, New Zealand, near the Mount Hutt skifield, at the height of the ski season.
People Making Changes Issue 4 * Fulfilling retirement
Dorothy -- 1997-01-30

A senior citizen, trained in drama and communication, has a fulfilling retirement interest running a radio programme for Greypower in Christchurch, New Zealand.
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