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People Making Changes Issue 26 - The Real Face of Poverty in New Zealand - Part I
Dorothy -- 1997-09-25

An interview with Brenda Lowe, manager of Emergency Relief at the Christchurch Methodist Mission and advocate for beneficiaries..
People Making Changes Issue 25 - Changes in New Zealand since 1980 - Part II
Dorothy -- 1997-08-21

People Making Changes Issue 24 - Changes in New Zealand since 1980 - Part I
Dorothy -- 1997-08-14

People Making Changes Issue 23 - Care For Cancer Patients
Dorothy -- 1997-07-24

People Making Changes Issue 22 - The Beneficiaries Advisory Service
Dorothy -- 1997-07-17

A group of dedicated workers offers assistance and advocacy services to beneficiaries experiencing problems in dealing with officialdom.
People Making Changes Issue 21 - Living With OOS / RSI And MANAGING It
Dorothy -- 1997-07-03

Part 2 describes the treatment and the lifestyle that enable Rhona to manage living with OOS/RSI.
People Making Changes Issue 20 - Living With OOS / RSI And MANAGING It
Dorothy -- 1997-06-26

Part 1 describes the experience of a sufferer from OOS/RSI - the pain, the practical difficulties, the emotional reaction.
People Making Changes Issue 2 * New schools and homestays
Dorothy -- 1997-01-10

A Japanese exchange student studying in New Zealand discusses the changes she has faced living in different cultures and studying in different environments.
People Making Changes Issue 19 - Early Intervention at The Champion Centre
Dorothy -- 1997-06-19

People working together to improve the lives of small children with disabilities
People Making Changes Issue 18 - 102 Years Of Adjusting To Change
Dorothy -- 1997-06-12

Christchurch woman at 102 has seen social, educational and political change in New Zealand.
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