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Freedom To Protest - Free Tibet - Tibet
Jonathan Collins -- 1999-12-03

When President Jiang Zemin recently visited Christchurch, the rights of New Zealanders to peacefully protest were removed purely to appease China.
Leaders Debate 99 - election 99
Conrad -- 1999-10-29

Welcome to "Return of the Leaders Debate", where the election is decided on how the leaders look and perform on TV (and how well they've been coached), rather than on the substance of their party's political platform. I offer this r
New Zealand's Close Connections With Japanese Hibakusha
Kate Dewes -- 2001-08-10

New Zealand's close connection with hibakusha developed through conference presentations, cultural exchanges, marches and the World Court Project
William Pember Reeves - New Zealand statesman
Dorothy -- 2002-05-07

William Pember Reeves, New Zealand socialist, possibly first Minister of Labour in British Empire, introduced compulsory arbitration in industrial disputes.
- The Regulated Society - The Failed Experiment - Part Two - New Zealand economy
Sir Lawrence Govan -- 2000-07-07

Government policy 1984-2000 changed NZ from a regulated society to a market economy still facing problems.
Mutant Sheep Are Still On - Genetic Engineering
Nandor Tanczos, Green MP -- 2000-06-09

Nandor Tanczos, Green MP, stresses the importance of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into genetic engineering.
Restorative Justice - Nandor Tanczos
Nandor Tuczos MP -- 2000-04-21

Article written by MP Nandor Tuczos expressing his support for Restorative Justice, with regard to victims' rights and financial restitution
New Zealand Election 1999 - Election 99
Conrad -- 1999-12-17

It is often said that a week is a long time in politics and this was certainly true several times over during the three weeks after the 1999 New Zealand Election was held...
Women In Politics - The Last 106 Years - New Zealand Women In Politics
Dorothy -- 1999-11-26

New Zealand women gained the vote in 1893 but their acceptance in active political roles came slowly until successes in the 1980s and especially 1990s.
Tertiary Education Review Green Paper - Part 4
Michael Mulheron & John B. Turner -- 1998-02-06

Proposal to form the Tertiary Education Round Table (TERT) to promote discussion and disseminate ideas about liberal education.
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