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What Is The Society For Creative Anachronism?
Dorothy -- 2001-10-19

The Society for Creative Anachronism encourages members to learn about the Medieval Period by joining in medieval style activities.
Elric on the role of theatre and the work of a director - An interview with Elric Hooper
Dorothy -- 2001-09-21

Elric Hooper, New Zealand theatre director discusses role of theatre, choosing a programme and production standards .
Flashback - Child Of The Eighties
Maria Hand -- 2001-08-24

Growing up in New Zealand in 1980s with references to toys, games, clothes, and music.
New Zealand Film - let the good times roll! - Once Were Warriors
Siobhan -- 2000-05-19

Complete with Maori and Pakeha humour, the huge wave of recent New Zealand films reveals an increasingly unique Kiwi perspective.
New Zealand's Evolving Language - New Zealand Bursary Examination
Dorothy -- 2000-01-14

New Zealand Language - Age and lifestyles affect the use of language according to Bernadette Kernick's students studying English for the New Zealand Bursary examination.
Buy Nothing Day - Buy Nothing Day New Zealand
Stuart Sontier -- 1998-11-21

Buy Nothing Day is an initiative in many countries to make people pause and weigh up the impact of consumerism.
Arts And Letters Daily - ALD
Dorothy -- 1998-10-16

Article describes Arts and Letters Daily, the new web site giving academics information updated daily about the best writing on arts and letters on the Internet .
New Zealand Art In Belgium - An Interview With Artist Lieve Bierque - New Zealand
Dorothy -- 1998-08-15

Article describes the work of Belgian-born artist Lieve Bierque, who is now painting and teaching in New Zealand and has initiated two exhibitions of New Zealand artists' work in Antwerp.
Public Broadcasting - A Privilege Worth Fighting For - Part 2 - New Zealand
Dorothy -- 1998-08-01

An interview with Denis Dutton, supporter of public radio and critic of broadcasting in New Zealand and internationally .
Public Broadcasting - Privilege Worth Fighting For - Part 1 * New Zealand
Dorothy -- 1998-07-18

Article describes the work of The New Zealand Friends of Public Broadcasting Inc. in supporting national radio and mobilising public support for a non-commercial television channel .
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