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The Magic Of Beethoven's Apassionata Sonata - Beethoven
Ian Dixon -- 2001-02-23

David James, concert pianist, will play Beethoven's Apassionata Sonata at a Christchurch concert for Ian Dixon who introduced him to it.
The Switch 96 - Local Content Wins - New Zealand
Richard Liddicoat -- 1999-07-09

A pilot Christchurch radio station will be the first in the country to showcase New Zealand music as its primary format.
New Zealand Music Awards 1999 - New Zealand music
Sue May -- 1999-02-26

Today, the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (RIANZ), announced the finalists in 23 categories of the Coca-Cola New Zealand Music Awards 99 - "The Tuis".
The Death Of John * John Lennon * John Lennon's bizarre death * Mark David Chapman * A song by Marek Shalom about John Lennon and the strange events surrounding his murder * J. D. Salinger * The Catcher in the
Marek Shalom -- 1998-02-06

A song by Marek Shalom about John Lennon and the strange events surrounding his murder. The song is available in the popular RealAudio format.
Chris Knox - Interview - Tall Dwarves
Kelly Andrew -- 1999-06-18

The man who was referred to by French magazine Rocksound as "that gentle psychopath" was low-key and friendly in person....
Elric Hooper's First Year 'in retirement' - New Zealand theatre
Dorothy -- 2001-02-01

Elric Hooper in 2001 has directed four plays, taught courses, done radio talks on music, and received honorary doctorate
Around The Curve Of The World - Royal patronage
Dorothy -- 1999-11-05

Matthew Marshall - Classical Guitarist - Matthew Marshall
Kate Methven -- 1999-10-01

New Zealand guitarist Matthew Marshall has achieved an international reputation playing in Britain, USA, Mexico and Australia.
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