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Do adverse health trends correlate with the research into Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?
Chapter 2 Part c Breast and Prostate Cancer

Sarah Benson -- 2009-09-18

There is a large and coherent body of evidence of biological mechanisms that support the conclusion of a plausible, logical and causal relationship between EMR exposure and cancer, cardiac, neurological and reproductive health effects
Do adverse health trends correlate with the research into Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?
Chapter 2 Part b Brain Cancer

Sarah Benson -- 2009-09-04

In 2009 two neurosurgeons in Australia, Dr Charlie Teo in Sydney and Dr Vini Khurana in Canberra, publicly stated that they are finding a brain tumour epidemic, and that young children are also presenting with brain cancer
Do adverse health trends correlate with the research into Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?
Chapter 2 Part a - Cancer

Sarah Benson -- 2009-08-21

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) said in June 2008 that the number of cancers being diagnosed each year is growing faster than the overall population
Do adverse health trends correlate with research into Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?
Sarah Benson -- 2009-08-10

The main purpose of this paper is to delineate the links between science and reality, cause and effect, the abstract and the actual. The secondary purpose is to honour and exonerate the late Neil Cherry
Cell Phone Towers An Issue Again - This Time In The USA
Dorothy -- 1998-03-20

Article outlines the action being taken against a cell phone tower in Brookhaven PA.
Damage from electromagnetic fields on living cells
Jacqueline Steincamp -- 2003-02-07

Health problems and legal action about Ouruhia EMR
Jacqueline Steincamp -- 2003-02-07

Ouruhia residents virtually win case against Radio Network and Christchurch City Council over health damage due to radio tower emissions.
EMR health dangers confirmed in Californian research
Dorothy -- 2002-12-24

California State Public Health Department's review on health effects of electromagnetic radiation reviewed by Dr Neil Cherry
Cellphones a boon or a health threat?
Dorothy -- 2003-01-06

New Zealand scientist, Dr Neil Cherry, gives updated comment on research into health risks from cellphone use
Cellphone network providers build non-notified cellsites disguised as other structures
Dorothy -- 2002-12-24

Cellphone network providers around the world disguise non-notified cellsites causing ill health for those living near, unaware of risk
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