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Icelandic eruption pertinent to graduate's doctoral research
Reprinted from UC "Chronicle" -- 2010-04-30

Dr Scott Barnard graduated PhD in hazard and disaster management from the University of Canterbury after completing a thesis on the possible impact of ashfall on various aspects of New Zealand's infrastructure...
Cancer Society New Zealand's views on smoking
Lynne St Clair-Chapman -- 2010-05-05

On April 20 the Society expressed concern at the number of New Zealanders dying of illness caused by smoking: on April 29 it applauded the Government's increase in the taxation of tobacco products ...
Daily micronutrient dose may combat mental illness
Reprinted from the University of Canterbury \"Chronicle\" -- 2010-03-04

A University of Canterbury clinical psychologist has discovered compelling evidence that taking a micronutrient supplement may have big benefits for sufferers of some mental illnesses…
From the Editor's mailbox – Green Initiatives
New Zealanders taking action to keep New Zealand clean and green

Alexa Forbes, Kate Taylor and Mark Devlin -- 2009-07-31

Green New Zealand businesses are taking decisive action to protect the environment and having their success benchmarked to an international standard. Prospective customers and clients are now able to go to a Green business directory …
Keisha Castle-Hughes saves the whales
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) -- 2009-05-22

Whale Rider star, Keisha Castle-Hughes, is working with WSPA to encourage the New Zealand Government to speak out against any proposal which would threaten the international whaling ban …
Skins Alpine Epic - New Zealand's first stage mountain bike race
Jen Andrews -- 2009-04-09

The 2009 race was a great success. Organisers had to close off entries early at sixty teams and even had a wait list. .Don't hesitate about making arrangements if you want to take part in 2010 …
New Zealand National Climate Summary for 2008
From NIWA -- 2009-01-22

The National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has released its climate summary showing 2008 to have been "a rollercoaster year for extremes" …
Moraine's rock type gives rise to questions about synchronistic climate change.
Reprinted from the UC -- 2008-12-19

The new findings suggest the loop was the result of a landslide, not climate change …
Spirituality on the Move
Rob Ferguson -- 2008-11-27

What would happen if a small group of people took four days travelling across the Alps? In February 2008, eight of us explored the Southern Alps road between Christchurch and Hokitika and our responses to the changing landscape ...
Challenge set to promote environmental principles to students
Reprinted from UC -- 2008-03-07

Forget student flat squalor ­ University of Canterbury students will soon be vying for the title of most eco-friendly flat …
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