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Earth Whisperers/Papatuanuku
Film reviewed by Dorothy -- 2009-06-08

This film gives glimpses of the beauty of Aotearoa/New Zealand artistically interwoven with natural up-close filming of individuals imparting how they are attuned to the natural environment of their country
Bike Wise Month - February 2009
Freya Barnes -- 2009-01-30

Kiwis' waistlines are expanding, and we're drinking at dangerous levels as we seek to unwind at the end of the day. Let's consider reacquainting ourselves with the humble bicycle and biking our way to health and happiness
The Baby Business - What's happened to maternity care in New Zealand?
Review by Dorothy and Press Release by Glasstower Communications

Lynda Exton -- 2008-11-05

This explosive and eminently readable new book is the product of dedicated and scrupulous research by a family doctor who is trained in obstetrics and cares deeply about the health of mothers and babies
Successes for the tourism industry and government support
News from the Ministry of Tourism -- 2008-10-09

Despite the gloomy financial outlook internationally, awards and government support have given the New Zealand tourism industry reason for optimism
Unravelling the mysteries of stuttering
Reprinted from \"Canterbury\" magazine -- 2008-06-27

Bianca Phaal's research into the oral communication of three and four year olds has thrown new light on the role of anxiety in stuttering
Rural Waikato Youth Not Shy About Sexual Health
Darrel Carlin -- 2008-04-12

A free sexual health and contraception service for under 25-year-olds in rural Waikato has proven effective for Maori, Pacific and high need youth
Medsafe Blocks Safe Meds and Recommends Suicidal Meds
Health Freedom -- 2008-04-04

Medsafe conducts a witch hunt against the natural health industry, but tells us to keep taking Singulair allergy and asthma drug even though the US FDA is reviewing it because of possible suicide risks involved.
From the Editor's Mailbox
- Part 1

Dorothy -- 2008-04-04

This series will include extracts from articles not published in full in NZine Growth at Syft Technologies, School-based health teams to deal with students' self harm, Gay Ski Week, Coach Service for Skiers
Paramount need for early detection test for ovarian cancer
Silver Ribbon Foundation -- 2008-03-28

This need is reflected in the survival rates, with ovarian cancer being the fourth biggest killer of all cancers for New Zealand women. This silent killer claims one woman's life approximately every 48 hours in New Zealand
Fighter gets support from across illness sector as High Court case begins.
Vivette Reid -- 2008-03-20

Health campaigner Melanie Trevethick and her organisation Equity For Illness aim to force a change in Government funding for people with illnesses
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