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Western Bay Maori Men At High Risk Of Death From Cardiovascular Disease
Larissa Bilyard -- 2006-07-21

In the Bay of Plenty cardiovascular disease is the overall leading cause of death (41%) and hospitalisation (13%). A new project aims to reduce the number of Maori men dying prematurely .
Nursing training in New Zealand over the last 125 years - Part 3
Dorothy -- 2006-06-16

Betty Deyell (ne McMillan) has positive memories of her training at Christchurch Public Hospital in the 1940s and still spends time there as a volunteer .
When is an insurance scheme not an insurance scheme?
Dorothy -- 2006-05-19

Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton supports the pensioners who spoke out against the Southern Cross Healthcare increases in premiums for the elderly .
"Black November: The 1918 influenza pandemic in New Zealand" by Geoffrey W. Rice
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2006-04-28

A detailed investigation of this topic makes most timely reading for people everywhere living under the threat of a bird flu pandemic
Syft Technologies scores early successes with breath-based diagnoses at Christchurch Hospital
Kaila Colbin -- 2006-04-22

Since the installation of Syfts LDI-2 research instrument at Christchurch Hospital scientists are already making good progress toward the speedy, breath-based diagnosis of life-threatening diseases ....
Battle Of The Bulge Moves To Boarding School Dining Rooms
Graeme Colman -- 2006-03-10

The battle against New Zealand's growing obesity epidemic is being tackled with new Eurest Taste Life menus ....
In support of hospital treatment in the New Zealand public health system in the twenty first century
Dorothy -- 2005-12-09

What people kept on the waiting list are missing is in my experience treatment of real value delivered by caring staff ....
New Mobile Maori Nursing Service Aims To Save Lives in Western Bay of Plenty
Larissa Bilyard -- 2005-09-30

The centralised mobile whanau nursing service is the first of its kind in New Zealand ....
Jump for Breast Cancer funds
News from NZONE -- 2005-09-23

New Zealand skydive photographer jumps at chance to 'Jump for the Cause'. Leigh Ainsworth will be one of 165 skydivers, all women, in this international event aimed to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research ....
Tourism hotel chain steps in to help endangered black stilt
John Durning -- 2005-08-05

Mount Cook Hotel Collection funding tracking devices and traps to help control help preserve the kak / black stilt, the worlds most endangered wading bird ....
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