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Nursing training in New Zealand over the last 125 years - Part 2
Dorothy -- 2005-07-22

Nurses still had to work long hours and observe rigid rules, but their training and conditions improved and they travelled outside New Zealand and served in three wars ....
Christchurch Botanic Gardens a major inner-city botanic garden in transition
David Given -- 2005-07-01

A Master Plan being developed for the future of the Gardens and Hagley Park will look not only at the public face of the Gardens, but also at features such as education, research and a role in conservation .
Nursing training in New Zealand over the last 125 years - Part 1
Dorothy -- 2005-07-15

Nurses today would be horrified if asked to work under the conditions faced by nineteenth century nurses .
When Bread Is A No-No!
Jacqueline Steincamp -- 2005-06-24

Gluten can be a trickle of poison for the whole body. The Western diet is based on wheat, much of it engineered for high gluten levels ....
Brighter future for cataract sufferers thanks to UC researchers
Reprinted from the University of Canterbury -- 2005-05-27

Researchers at the University of Canterbury are pioneering an eye drop to halt the development of cataracts which are the major cause of blindness worldwide. Until now, the only option has been corrective surgery ....
Patients' rights over medication
Margaret -- 2005-02-27

The issue of whether Cox-2 inhibitors should be banned has raised again the question of patients' rights ....
Tekapo Spa and Wellness Centre
John Durning -- 2005-01-28

Spa and wellness centre planned for Bluewater Resort, Lake Tekapo An alpine setting, crystal clear skies and a beautiful lake ....
Bulimia Book
Margaret -- 2004-07-16

This personal account of her illness by a bulimia sufferer is of great help to others with the same problem.
Hanmer's Queen Mary Hospital and Grounds
Roger Keey -- 2003-12-05

Roger Keey discusses history and current dispute relating to Queen Mary Hospital and its grounds and promotes midday Sunday walks
Effects of modern conventional weapons using Depleted Uranium
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