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Effects of modern conventional weapons using Depleted Uranium
-- 2004-05-24

The painful symptoms of endometriosis can be eased by natural remedies suggested by Jacqueline Steincamp.
New Zealanders' free choices of dietary supplements under threat from proposed Trans-Tasman laws
Dorothy -- 2002-07-19

Fears that proposed Trans-Tasman rules controlling supplies of dietary supplements may reduce choice and increase costs
Is Medicine Really A Science? - Jacqueline Steincamp
Jacqueline Steincamp -- 2001-11-16

Jacqueline Steincamp responds to a letter from a woman who has had several contradictory diagnoses and remedies suggested for the same complaint.
Gluten sensitivity - when bread is a No-No! Gluten
Jacqueline Steincamp -- 2001-03-30

Jacqueline Steincamp discusses gluten sensitivity, resulting problems, appropriate diet and possible connection with mental and other physical disorders.
Endometriosis - Can A 'Natural' Approach Help? - Endometriosis
-- 2003-11-07

The painful symptoms of endometriosis can be eased by natural remedies suggested by Jacqueline Steincamp.
International GBS Awareness Day May 1 - GB
Andrea Ramsell -- 2000-04-28

GBS and CIDP sufferer, Andrea Ramsell, describes the state of her recovery after more than two years.
Self Care For Health Increases As Faith In The Public Health System Declines.
Dorothy -- 1998-10-02

Article describes complementary health products favoured by New Zealanders for short term health problems and long term preventive care.
Guillain Barré Syndrome - GBS
Dorothy -- 1999-04-30

Guillain Barré Syndrome, a debilitating virus, can cause creeping paralysis. CIDP is the chronic form of GBS. Andrea Ramsell tells how it affected her.
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