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Testicular Cancer - A Fit Young Man's Experience
Nicola Shepheard -- 2001-10-12

A fit young man who develops testicular cancer talks about it and the need for more education.
Health Research At The University Of Canterbury - Swallowing Research Laboratory
-- 2001-06-29

A swallowing research laboratory and a pilot study to test babies' hearing result from research at the University of Canterbury.
Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder With Aromatherapy - Seasonal Affective Disorder
Kim Gamlin -- 2001-02-08

Aromatherapists have long held that the mind, via the emotions, responds to aroma. But how does aromatherapy affect mood? When any substance is inhaled, the olfactory nerve is stimulated providing a direct pathway to the brain's limbic syste
Making A City Built On A Swamp A Healthy Place To Live - Part One - Christchurch
Dorothy -- 2000-09-29

Christchurch built on swampy land suffered floods and disease so New Zealand Government set up Christchurch Drainage Board in 1875.
Cancer And The Poisons In Our Food - Part 2 - Cancer
Chris Wheeler -- 2000-08-11

Poisons from pesticides in foods like apples and flour are linked with cancer risk and should be banned.
Cancer And The Poisons In Our Food - Part 1 - Cancer
Chris Wheeler -- 2000-08-02

Cancer risk and poisons in food are discussed by Chris Wheeler, independent researcher.
Holey Ge-molar! - Mercury Fillings
Chris Wheeler -- 2000-02-18

Chris Wheeler examines the total disaster of traditional Kiwi dentistry, the health issues surrounding mercury in fillings and the new direction modern dentistry is moving in.
Is The NZ Dairy Industry Getting Ready To Commit Suicide? - rBGH
Chris Wheeler -- 1999-08-13

Monsanto is trying to get its unpopular bovine growth hormone into the NZ dairy industry. If it succeeds, you can kiss goodbye to the NZ export dairy trade and the image of Clean & Green New Zealand...
The 'Stealth' Bugs - Mycoplasma - Gulf War Syndrome
Jacqueline Steincamp -- 1999-06-25

Gulf War Syndrome and M.E./CFS sufferers have been found to have mycoplasmic infections. Mycoplasma may be a factor in arthritis.
Genetic Engineering - The Road To Corporate Control Of The Food Supply genetic engineering
Chris Wheeler -- 1999-03-26

An article about Genetic engineering of food and corporate control. GE corporates like Monsanto aim at claiming patent rights eventually over the twenty major food crops that make up 90% of the world’s annual food consumption...
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