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Growing Up In New Zealand - Part 6 - Discipline
Dorothy -- 1999-12-17

Zoe and Alan in the first quarter of the century in New Zealand were influenced strongly by family, codes of home discipline, Church, school.
Growing Up In New Zealand - Part 5 - Women's work
Dorothy -- 1999-11-11

A woman's work as bread winner and domestic life in New Zealand early this century is described in Con Davidson's memories.
Growing Up In New Zealand Part 4 - New Zealand rural life
Dorothy -- 1999-11-05

Rural life in New Zealand and the hard work of all the family, especially her mother, is remembered by Lilian Martin.
Growing Up In New Zealand - Part 3 - 1918 influenza epidemic
Dorothy -- 1999-10-15

Caring parents tried to build Cyril's character but in his childhood there were many restrictions and a sense of 'forbiddenness' especially about sexual matters.
Growing Up In New Zealand - Part 2 - Social life in New Zealand
Dorothy -- 1999-10-01

Social life and childcare in New Zealand are portrayed in the memories of two doctors' daughters who grew up early in the twentieth century.
Growing Up In New Zealand - Part 1 - Roger Ballantyne - bringing up children
Interview with Dorothy -- 1999-09-24

Roger Ballantyne, born 1909, describes his childhood - activities, education, customs, transport, - a picture of New Zealand life in early twentieth century.
New Zealand church youth education 1925-50
Dorothy -- 2004-07-30

People describe church going for the young in New Zealand Presbyterian parishes especially in Otago and Southland 1925-50.
Spectre of the Brocken on Mt Robert
Peter Hunt -- 2004-02-13

Climbers on Mt Robert in Nelson Lakes National Park experience the ghostly shadow effect known as Spectre of the Brocken.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-1950 - Part 26 - Treasured Autograph Books
Dorothy -- 2001-12-21

Autographs, New Zealand Autograph Books 1900-1950., Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue.
Growing Up in New Zealand 1925-1950 Part 25 - 1930s Depression in New Zealand
Dorothy -- 2001-12-14

Life in Public Works Camps during the 30s Depression was marked by poverty and difficulty but a cheerful community spirit.
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