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Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 24 Life on a West Coast Farm in the 1920s - Children never at a loss to devise their own fun
Dick O'Callaghan, Leslie Walker (nee O'Callagha -- 2001-09-21

Lack of money did not prevent children on a West Coast farm from enjoying themselves. They invented their own games.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 Part 23
Dick O'Callaghan -- 2001-09-14

Life was difficult for the farmer and for the housewife who had to manage with few conveniences in a primitive dwelling, but the children accepted the way of life and their share of jobs including milking cows.
Growing Up In New Zealand 1925-1950 - Part 22 Entertainments and hobbies for those growing up in towns and cities
Dorothy -- 2001-09-07

Entertainments for town children included riding ponies, learning music, speech and dancing, playing in a pipe band.
Growing Up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 21
Dorothy -- 2001-08-31

Without television, videos or computers NZ children's entertainment from 1925-50 centred on simple games, books, handcrafts and radio,
Growing Up In New Zealand 1925-50 Part 20 - New Zealand Life In The 1940s. An interview with Elric Hooper
Dorothy -- 2001-08-17

Elric Hooper, theatre director, describes his childhood - birth, education, entertainment, in 1940s New Zealand.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 19 - Travelling Between The Towns And Going On Holiday
Dorothy -- 2001-07-06

Travel 1925-50 was often by public transport, sometimes by car, and holidays were mainly in baches or tent camping.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 18 - New Zealand Shopping
Dorothy -- 2001-05-18

Trips to town often social occasions; many shops offered personal service but self service shopping began.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 17 - New Zealand during World War 2

War efforts in New Zealand included spinning and knitting sea boots and growing linen flax.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 16 - New Zealand Soldier
Roydon Harrison

Roydon Harrison describes his experiences in the Royal New Zealand Air Force before he turned 21.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 15 - World War 2
Dorothy -- 2001-03-16

In New Zealand during World War 2 travel was restricted, food rationed and women's roles changed.
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