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Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 14 - More about life in New Zealand during World War 2 - stringent defence measures
Dorothy -- 2001-03-09

New Zealand defence measures in World War 2 included blackouts, air raid drills, school cadet training, and Cashmere Caverns.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 13 - World War 2
Dorothy -- 2001-03-02

School pupils remember life in New Zealand 1925-50 - Home Guard, possible submarine sighting, Navy League, Lyttelton Harbour defence.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 12 - Impact and Memories of the 1930s Depression in New Zealand - Part 2
Dorothy -- 2001-02-23

1930s Depression made life in New Zealand difficult for most families even where the bread winner had a job.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 11 - Impact And Memories Of The 1930s Depression In New Zealand 1930s Depression
-- 2003-11-07

The 1930s Depression brought stress, hunger and despair to many New Zealanders.
Farm Reflections - Part 2 - Sheep Farm
Article and photos by Verna Morris -- 2001-01-26

Farmer's wife, Verna Morris, describes problems of life on a remote New Zealand farm above the snow line
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 10 - Nowhere Far From The Sea - Fishing in New Zealand
Four Fishermen -- 2001-01-19

Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 9 - Secondary Schooling For Country Pupils - New Zealand Rural Education
Dorothy -- 2001-01-19

Country pupils after primary school travelled to town schools or District High Schools, went to boarding schools, or to work.
Farm Reflections - New Zealand Farming
Article and photos by Verna Morris -- 2001-01-19

Life on remote New Zealand farm in Central Otago under snow in winter was demanding for Verna Morris, wife and mother.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 8 - Looking back at Christmas - Christmas
Dorothy -- 2000-12-22

Christmas, New Zealand Christmas, Carols, Thirties Depression, Shopping Hours, Christmas Dinners, Country Christmases, Christmas Stockings, Household Refrigerators.
Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 7 - Home Schooling And Freedom On The Home Farm Foster Abilities - Home Schooling
An interview with Jackie Steincamp, Dorothy -- 2000-12-15

Education and freedom on the home farm in South Canterbury, New Zealand, foster two sisters' different abilities.
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