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Growing up in New Zealand 1925-50 - Part 6 - Attending Primary School In The Country - Primary Schools
Dorothy -- 2000-12-08

Education for New Zealand country children 1925-50 meant walking to small schools or going by bus to a country town school.
Growing Up In New Zealand 1925-1950 - Part 5 - Attending Intermediate And Secondary School In The Cities - New Zealand Secondary Schools
Dorothy -- 2000-12-01

Intermediate and Secondary Schools 1925-1950 offered more regimented education than today, but many ex-pupils look back with gratitude.
Growing Up In New Zealand 1925-1950 - Part 4 - Primary Education For Children In The Towns - New Zealand Education
Dorothy -- 2000-11-22

New Zealand primary schools 1925-50 offered a more regimented education than present day schooling, but changes occurred in the period.
Growing Up In New Zealand 1925-1950 - Part 3 - Health In The Home - Health Care
Dorothy -- 2000-11-03

Health care in the home 1925-50 was based mainly on inherited ideas.
Growing Up In New Zealand 1925-1950 - Part 2 - New Zealand
Dorothy -- 2000-10-25

Roles for men and women and household routines are remembered by people growing up in New Zealand between 1925 and 1950.
Growing Up In New Zealand 1925-1950 - New Zealand Home Life
Dorothy -- 2000-04-07

Economy and a diet based on the country's primary products were features of home life in New Zealand 1925-1950.
Growing Up In New Zealand - Part 7 - New Zealand Rural Life
Lance Mc Caskill -- 2000-03-17

Lance McCaskill, well-known naturalist, describes growing up in rural New Zealand, from 1900 - education, nature study, bird nesting, fishing and sport.
The Friendly Aunt At The Friendly Store - Christchurch store Hay's Ltd
Dorothy -- 2001-05-25

Christchurch store, Hay's Ltd, despite the Depression succeeded through innovations like Hay's Junior League run by Aunt Haysl.
New Zealand church going pre-1925
Dorothy -- 2004-07-02

Six people share clear memories of New Zealand Sundays and church going before 1925.
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